Need Advise, NM SA issue!

  1. So I went to NM Atlanta today to exchange a pair of CL that I got last week. I notice a large scuff on the backside of the heel, about 1 1/2 inches. So I called my great SA who put a new pair aside for me and I thought he would be there to help me but apparently he was off today. So the first SA approaches and I tell him the situation and he seems annoyed to help me. He brings me the new pair and as I'm trying them on I notice that both heels have issues. The rubber in not flush with the heel, there is some strange gap between them and then I notice on one of the heels that the red sole is peeling away from the bottom of the heel. So I show the SA and ask if they have another 38, again he acted annoyed, so I politely told him that for $830 dollars (includes tax) I don't think the soles should be peeling away from the shoe and the rubber heel shouldn't look like it's ready to fall off. He tell's me it's the only one we have. I politely ask if he could see if any other NM have one in my size that could be sent here. He tells me that I can get my other SA to look and have them sent here. I could have killed him. Is he kidding? Did he really just say that to me. I drove an hour for this? I was so mad that my dear husband saw me turn 8 shades of pissed and said, "we'll just return these and we'll talk to her SA on Monday." So ladies...what do I do? I left my SA a message about the horrible experience today...should I do anything else? The only problem...I have no idea what the other SA's name is...I'm sure they could pull it from the return receipt today. Once again, another rude SA at NM. Any advise?:wtf:
  2. That's strange that he did that even if you return or exchange a shoe My SA in NM told me they make $$. I am sorry this happen to you. You drove and hour which clearly indicates that you were determine to get the shoe, in perfect condition. I would have had a fit and asked to get the store manager at that very moment, but that's just me.. I would hold on to the shoe( or did you said u returned them) and wait for your SA to locate you a pair that is perfect.. And as for that SA I will definently get his name and inform the store manager about the incident. NM really values their costumers... Good luck
  3. He took my shoes to the back and when he came out he had already returned them. I guess I'm going to have to wait to speak with my normal SA and see what he can do about the situation. I would normally ask for the manager but I think I was so hot headed at that point I don't think I would have been able to speak in a manner that reflected good manners. So I opted to just walk away. I have a great SA and he's amazing and I know he'll understand and track down the shoes for me and hopefully he can do something about the other SA. We'll see.
  4. I hope it all works out, why would he just returned them without consulting first? .... Strange guy; maybe he was having a bad day... I think you handled it well. Good luck!
  5. Thanks...I'm starting to wonder if this is sign to just not get the shoes. Hopefully I can speak to my SA soon and maybe he'll have better insite on the situation. Thanks again for the advise.
  6. I would have been pissed too if I was treated that poorly. What a jerk!
  7. Sorry about your bad experience. SAs are definitely not created equal.

    Aside from never giving yesterday's SA a sale, I'm not sure what doing more to expose his bad service will accomplish in the long run, though.
  8. I would contact the store manager. That behavior is unacceptable.
  9. Well my SA works tomorrow, so I'm going to give him a call. I really want the shoes but this is starting to turn into a hassle. I wish NM would just put them online so I can order would be so much easier.
  10. I would call the store and ask to speak to a mgr and tell them the situation. Ask them to locate the shoe and have them charge/send it to you so you dont have to go back to the store again and drive another hour.