Need advise from Moms, which LV to get??

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  1. Hello everyone! I’m new to the Forum and I’m happy to join :smile:

    I need advise on which LV to get. I have a mini looping and loved how it transitioned well from day to night. But now with a baby (and were planning to have more in the future), I need something with more room. I had my :heart: set on buying a Speedy next but it’s impractical now being handbag…someday I’ll get one.

    So…I’m thinking either a Batignolles Horizontal, a Batignolles Vertical or a Cabas Piano (the Mezzo looks to huge to me..I’m only 5 foot 1).

    I’m leaning toward one of the Batignolles even though I like the cabas because of the zipper but I don’t want to be worrying about the vachetta bottom.

    From the Mom’s out there, which LV do you carry the most and which do you recommend?

    Thanks much!!
  2. Welcome to tPF :welcome:. I have a two year old toddler and right now I am carrying an Azur speedy 25. But I also have a Cabas Piano and I love it. I don't have the others you've mentioned but they all get rave reviews here. I like the zip closure on the Piano and as for the vachetta bottom I'm just careful where I set it down. Good luck
  3. BH if you don't mind an open bag - I really think it's a very good choice for a mom (think diapers, snacks, bottles)
  4. Bh is a great . Easy to get in and out of. It can stand on its own and has a cell phone holder thats easy to get while juggling children.You also don't have to worry about staining the bottom like on Cabas Piano. Hope this helps.
  5. How about the new neverfull tote? It comes in 3 sizes, the MM is similar to the BH. Price is good too.
  6. The bh is a great bag--comfortable on your shoulder and easy to find things--the bag is roomy but not so deep that things get lost in the bottom of it...
  7. Hi! I'm new... but am an avid LV "gatherer" - I think collector implies i have tons, so I try to not to use that word.

    So I am kinda in the same sitch you are, my son is 13 months, so he doesn't need all the goodies a diaper bag really holds anymore, so I use a BH right now, but was looking into getting the cabas piano or mezzo - I kind of don't mind the size - I'm only 5'2".

    But as previous posters noted, the BH is great. It provides easy access to everything. I just wrap his sippy cup in a ziploc or something, just in case of spills. and i'm ready to go. I also use my Speedy 25 and 30 a lot as well. All great for Mom days, I think.
  8. Welcome to the Purse Forum!

    When my son was a babe, I used a Monogram Reporter PM - it had a washable lining and 2 large compartments and I wore it messenger style.

    Great bag and highly underrated IMO.

    Good luck with your decision - you can't go wrong with any of those bags!
  9. Seems like most moms go with the BH. The piano is one of my fav shapes but may be a little too much to take care of with the Vachetta bottom.
  10. I have 2 kids....ages 2 and 5. I've only ever used a speedy with them. I'm a speedy addict and I've just found ways to use it with them.
  11. Welcome to the forum! I have young kids but not babies anymore - but I remember what those days were like. I would suggest the BH. The only reason I am not crazy about it though is that it's open. I HAVE to have a zipped bag. But I think for little ones it might be easier for you not to have to open and close it. I hear nothing but good things about this bag. Good luck with your decision!
  12. Hello,

    I have a 15 month old and one more on the way. I use my BH is the most. It fits my things and the baby things or I use a pochette for my wallet and the BH for the baby things.

    I no longer use my hand held bags (Speedies) when I have my daughter because it is impossible to hold the bag and run after her. The Speedy also holds a lot but gets uncomfortable when filled.

    Some other bags you may consider are:

    Hampstead (open top)
    Saleya (zipped top)
    These are great because there's no Vachetta to worry about.
    Cabbas Piano/Mezzo (Zipped top) but vachetta bottom
    Neverful (open top)

    Have fun picking a bag!!!
  13. When i first had my daughter i used my Cabas Mezzo and Speedy 30, The Speedy is great for when they are tiny, because it fits a ton (and we all know we need a ton with baby's!)

    My Cabas was also great for the stuff it can fit in, but you have to be wary of where you put it because of the vachetta on the bottom,

    Also with a handheld like the speedy, as they get a bit older its annoying not having both hands free so i reccomend you get a BH or have you considered the Neverfull? it has like drawstrings on the side so you can adjust the size of it and i think it actually looks like the BH when it's strung in and it comes in 2 sizes, heres a link to one

    Hope this helps, sorry if i've babbled on!
  14. I think the Saleya would be a good option for you too, because it is a shoulder bag with a zipper top and it holds a ton. Yay, I am glad that all of you women with babies can still be stylish - my sister has a 2-year-old and she asked me to get her cargo pants from Gap again this year because they hold all her stuff. :confused1:

  15. lmfaoooooooo that is hilarious!