Need Advise Asap... Should I, Would You???

  1. I have been dreaming of the WHITE MC SPEEDY for a long time now and have never taken the plunge because I always want to much and hate to let other things pass me by while I am saving up the $$$. To tell you the truth I am getting upset with myself for buying every thing else instead of saving, my addiction is bad.
    SHOULD I, WOULD YOU... se;; other items such as COACH, BALENCIAGA that you do adore to raise $$$ for the speedy or not? I counted a few things that I could list and would have $960 already if I were to do this and then I could use Christmas $ and my B-day $ to go with that. I am in a pickle because I love all my things but can not stop dreaming about the MC speedy. I do not work so passing things along is my only hope other than Holidays, etc. Dont kill me , lol but then I see things at Coach I would like to have that is less so I am so confused and think well I could have more things for my $$$. I know there is nothing like an LV but I do have other designers as well... HELP

    SORRY so long... SIGH :girlsigh:
  2. you mean sell them? personally, I would. But I think I'm unlike most people here in that way...I have no trouble selling a bag I have for a bag I like more. If you're DREAMING of the Speedy, then I say sell the others and save up for it! Once you get it, that will probably be the bag you use most anyway!

  3. OOPS, YES I meant sell :roflmfao: Sorry about that.
  4. i would go ahead and sell them. Esp the coach bags - coach bags are pretty easy to find later if you decide you want it again after you sell it. In my opinion, coach bags don't seem the retain their value as much as other bags, such as LV.
  5. If you can part with your existing bags, then do it.

    I'm not sure if you're open to this or not, but there ARE authentic white MC speedies on eBay for a lot less than retail. Of course, have all bags authenticated here before buying. I purchase so many of my bags pre-loved these days.
  6. Well.. I borrowed $$ from dad for a Birkin, so i have to pay it back. Thats how i do it for my dream bag. So NO LV or BBags for me until i pay it back. i think of it as saving $$.. Ha..
  7. think about how much you use the bags you have now and think about when and where and how much you're going to be wearing that MC speedy. If you think u'll be wearing it a lot more than your existing collection of bags i say go for it =) gl~
  8. Thanks Guys... PLEASE keep the comments/votes coming as I need all the help I can get right now and fast because I have a friend (not TPF) of mine wanting some things of mine and I have to let her know asap.

    I WANT IT ALL :hysteric:
  9. id say sell, sell, sell!!! x

  10. HI,
    I have thought about this :rolleyes: If one came up with the color combo I want and it was in Excellent condition from a seller I know and trust then I wouldnt mind at all for it being gently used. I can raise the $$$ its just hard letting go of other things to do this... I need a job :lol:
  11. Sell!
  12. If you do not use your current bags a lot and you REALLY know you will love your MC speedy as your main bag, then I would sell.
    Otherwise, I would start saving. You could open up an Ing account and put a little in each week. 5 or 10 dollars a week will really add up. It will take longer to get your speedy, but you will still have your other purses.
  13. Think about how often you use your other purses. And if they haven't come out of the closet in a couple of months then sell them. Think of it as letting them go to better homes where they will see the sunlight more. And you'll have more $$. Purse Recycling!
  14. If you want that one bag more, then sell the others.
  15. I agree with everyone so far.. if you dont have any kind of attachment to those bags then sell away. I wouldn't agree with it if you had memories or sentimental value to them!