Need advise and help in finding a shoulder bag

  1. I need help....I need a shoulder bag I live in the Washington /Portland area and it rains. (I come from Las Vegas so I didn't have to worry about rain) I don't want a bag I have to worry about. I only own 4 shoulder bags and I always buy totes or satchels. I need help, which shoulder bags should I consider with my PCE. Tell me the great things about the Carly or the other shoulder bags. I need help
  2. i just bought med black sgi carly v light weight and holding up well in our wet, cold, canadian winter.

    i think sig (in a dark colour) is more waterproof then leather, which can get splotchy. carly is a great size to toss an umbrella in too!
  3. Carly would be a good choice if you like that style.. I just bought a leigh in signature and I LOVE her... she is light, pretty, easy to get in/out of, etc. I would go into the boutique and check them out. :yes:
  4. I like the chocolate sig medium ergo hobo.. I think It could take a beating and still look good. I think it would fit with a coat too!
  5. I live in Seattle and I have a large black sig carly and she is by far my favorite bag!! I never have to worry about her in the rain and she looks great with whatever I'm wearing :tup:
  6. Black (or chocolate) Carly or Ergo Hobo would be great choice.. the signature could handle the rainy weather better than leather.;)
  7. So the cloth is better than leather? how does the leather hold up?
  8. leather will hold up, but it will get splotchy if it gets wet, even if it is weather-proofed.
  9. Unless its a pebbled leather which is quite durable with the extreme weather (although you won't want to abuse it because the puffs in the pebbled leather might stressed), the butter typed leather is easy to get splotchy and scuffs. I am just like you from a hot weather region California moving to Vancouver canada so I sort of have a little experience of adapting to the weather.;)
  10. All my bags are signature print and I haven't had any problems with them. I try to protect them from rain, but it's not always possible. I live just a bit south from you so I know the exact weather you are talking about.
  11. The signature will definately be better in rain or snow :yes:
  12. I live in Oregon, welcome to the northwest!!!
    I love my large signature Carly and my patent leather ergo hobo. Patent leather is one of the easiest things to take care of because the water doesn't do much to it and if it gets dirty you just wipe it off with a soft cloth. VERY simple.

    Remember, leather is not weak. Cows live outside in the mud and rain and their skin is made for it.

    If you want you can meet me at my Coach boutique when I use my PCE and we can look at stuff together. I go to the Bridgeport Village Coach in Tigard :smile: PM me if you are interested!!!

  13. Is your patent leather ergo hobo black? Just curious. I saw someone with one at the outlet while I was there last Friday. I was wondering if it was you.
  14. I live in NY and the weather here is VERY unpredictable! Right now I am using my chocolate signature ergo hobo, which is a GREAT bag! I am HOPING for the Bleecker signature flap (see my avatar) for the holidays, and the shoulder strap on that is NICE and LONG to fit over a BIG BULKY winter coat and still be VERY comfy! That bag looks ADORABLE w/ jeans, which made it catch my eye since I am usually wearing jeans!!! I TOTALLY recommend signature for rain/ dont have to worry about these bags at all and there is absolutely no maintenance to them either! If you get a spot or stain on them, Coach signature cleaner takes it right off! Good luck w/ your decision!!!!!
  15. Yep! I was intermittently wearing my pink north face fleece and a black velour hoodie with dark jeans and flats. I also have short hair and glasses. Maybe it was me?:shame: