Need Advices on Yahoo Auction - Taiwan

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  1. Hello all...

    I've decided to get an LV item from a seller from yahoo auction-taiwan. But the seller does not have a paypal account and request me to do a bank transfer. :shrugs:

    I am new in purchasing lv purse online, and especially using payment method other than paypal. Do you guys/girls think it is safe? The seller has about 300+ positive feedbacks.

    If I am off topic or this topic is not to be discussed here, then please delete this thread. I am new to this purse forum as well. :s

    Thank you all in advance!

    side note : can I post the username of this seller?
  2. Hi, my friend is selling on Yahoo Auction, too but Yahoo Auction Singapore :smile:
    My friend also can't accept PayPal by some country not allowed to receive money, send only.

    Ok, let's think. She's over 300 + feedbacks. I think too high risk for her to humiliate herself with that embaraced thing such fraudulent if she still looking to selling LV there.

    So, the best you can do, read the comment ( if it's in English/ your language ) and if it's possible, email her buyers first then make purchase.

    Good luck :smile:
  3. Anw, I never visit Yahoo Taiwan before, is it interesting enough?
  4. Hi lvgodiva! thanks for your reply!

    Hope my thread is not off-topic in this section. I am from Singapore, can understand chinese and english language, therefore browsing in yahoo auction-taiwan is not a problem, and I can read/understand the comments left for the seller as well, so far all are good comments.

    I think the selections of certain LV bags at yahoo auction-taiwan are quite good, pretty interesting! Sometimes, I do find it is kind of difficult to browse over there, as they have their own terms for bags instead of using the actual terms/names given by LV store. :shrugs:

    I am looking for either cerises speedy and cherry blossom papillon these days, and found some really good deal there compared to those at eBay. (can i say this at forum? if i can't please delete this as well) :sweatdrop:

    I've decided on a CB papillon (pink/brown) and found a very good condition cerises speedy at the same time.

    side note: If I decided to pass on the cerises speedy, is the behaviour of recommending interested buyers from this forum to the cerises speedy seller acceptable? :idea:
  5. Honestly I don't think it is safe to send money that way, there is no way to track it and there is no way of getting it back should something happen--like not getting your package. I would only pay with a credit card so you have some protection. Just because someone has positive feedback doesn't always mean they sell authentic. Did you post pictures of the bag in the "authenticate this" thread and make sure it is authentic?
  6. Yeah,there will be no trace and I think it is not safe too. What I am afraid is, the seller could just send me a fake lv bag and claim it is a genuine one after payment made. :<
  7. ^^I agree....even if the seller has good feedback, you shouldn't risk your money should something happen. :smile:
  8. i don;t think it is safe. how are you sure?
  9. I usually buy clothings and accessories on Yahoo Taiwan. Majority only accept cash, bank trf or Ezpay. Ezpay is similar to paypal but it's all in Chinese. It's a risk you take if you want to buy from her.
  10. i dnt think it is safe to sedn money.. Paypal is safe..
  11. I once sent an eBay seller usd$1500 for my Dior girly boston bag and wallet with no security. I can tell you I couldnt sleep till it arrived! No guarantee you'd get a real one at all... I wouldnt recommend that experience to anyone :sweatdrop:
  12. I wouldn't risk it.. :sweatdrop:
  13. Currently TW can't accept Paypal, for someone to use Paypal is very unheard of over there, one must open a bank account in USA(or other Paypal acceptable countries) that also have a branch in TW, seller will then have to transfer fund from paypal to bank, and from USD bank to NT$ bank account, which is subject for transaction fee.
    Most auctions are paid for by ATM transfer, postal/bank wire, or local pick up.
  14. Don't send money. It is definitely worth the extra money knowing you are using Paypal and can get your money back if you have a problem. I did a bank transfer once in my life time and learned my lesson. No item was even shipped over to me.. But I do know some seller on Taiwan auction do take Paypal. You just need to pay a higher transaction fee. Instead of 3%, i think it is 4 or 5%. But I did couple transaction like that and had no problem with it. You might have to do a little more search and find one that takes Paypal.

    Hope this help.... bottom line, don't send cash... =)