Need advices from Chanel WOC lovers

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Which WOC to buy?

  1. 19 series WOC $1500 USD

    10 vote(s)
  2. 24 series WOC $1600 USD but missing auth card

    1 vote(s)
  1. Hi dears! Been saving up for a Chanel wallet on chain bag for the longest time! Decided to get a pre loved one instead :smile:!there are two WOC bags that I am deciding between,

    1. WOC with series number 198 (2014) and comes with full set with excellent condition. Selling at $1500usd

    2. WOC with series number 24 (2018) and comes in full set but missing authenticity card and with excellent condition. Selling at $1600 USD

    Is there a difference in the caviar quality? Which WOC would you recommend me to buy, Chanel lovers? I am a noob at this as is my first Chanel WOC..would really appreciate every reply
  2. Any photos??

    I wouldn’t buy anything that is missing the authenticity card.
  3. Is it the leather quality that you are concerned about or the lack of the authenticity card? I don’t own anything from the 24 or 19 series so I can’t speak to the differences in quality. With regards to the authenticity card, if you are never going to sell either one and are confident they are both authentic, the only consideration is if it will bother you or not. Personally, I don’t think I would care much about not having the authenticity card if I planned to keep the bag for life and knew the bag was authentic, but understand others may feel differently.
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  4. Agree with Shopmycloset. Unless you plan to sell at some point, and understanding that you are fully assured about authenticity, I would go with the bag you like best -- in terms of leather. I think the authenticity card is a secondary issue, and doesn't have to be the deciding factor. Again, only if you are buying from a reputable source/it is authenticated. I know some may disagree.
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  5. I would not buy a used Chanel bag without having the authenticity card if it’s an old model (1980s) or without having the full set (newer model). Just my personal comfort level.
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  6. Thank you so much for all of your replies my dears :smile:! You have no idea how much it helps me in making my decision :smile:!The authenticity card is not important to me now but i am afraid that i might need it if i need to sell my bag in the future.
    I was just worried that the caviar for series 19 is not as good as the caviar for series 24, as i only saw the pictures online and they look the same to me in the pictures, i cannot go and view the bags due to the lockdown restrictions.

    Appreciate every one of your reply , my dears :heart::heart:!!Stay safe everyone during this period!:smile: