Need advices! Cherry Blossom Papillon OR Cerises Speedy ?

  1. Hello all !

    Which one you bag lovers prefer? And, which one is cuter/rarer?

    Can some nice owners post some photos please~

    Thanks in advance!!! :idea:
  2. cerises
  3. I would go with the Cerises, just because the Papillon can be so hard to carry under your arm. The looks are different, though - the cherry blossoms are definitely more girly girl
  4. CB is def. rarer and I love the pap.
    cersise speedy will hold more.
  5. Thank you girls for your advices!

    yeah, both of the bags are equally cute!!! Dilemma in deciding... argh~ if only i can get 2 bags at the same time. keke~
  6. I'd go for the CB papillon, it's way cuter!
  7. Gosh, tough choice. I'd go with the Cherry's so cute!
  8. I like the cherry blossom pap better!
  9. I'd go with a CB pap! I think it's cuter and more rare compared to the Cerises speedy.
  10. the Cherry Blossom in the red/cream color combination is the rarest. i have the Papillon in that combination and the Cerises Speedy, but i think you should get the Papillon first. it's easier to find a Cerises Speedy at any given time :yes:
  11. i would get a CB papillon..and i agree with what yeuxhonnettes said..^^
  12. Cerises Speedy!
  13. :yahoo:
  14. CB papillon!
  15. Thanks girls for all the advices!

    yeah, I know that the Cherry Blossom in the red/cream color combination is the rarest, I've been browsing all the nice photos you girls posted for references. :idea: The red/cream version is very hard to comeby.

    I think the brown/pink combination suits me better, and the pink cherry blossom stands out more. :> Plus, I am not a pinky girly girl type.

    On the other side, those ceirses are so darn cute!!! Though speedy is a day-to-day kind of tote bag, due to it's rarity, I don't think I will use it everyday if I have a cerises speedy.

    I am waiting for reply from the seller. Will ask opinions on the authenticity when I get more photos! :smile: