Need advice!

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  1. So I own the Neverfull MM in the DE and recently bought the NF MM in the DA. I also have the Delightful MM. I am now thinking about getting the NF GM in monogram since it will soon be discontinued. My dilemma here is whether it makes sense to get a 3rd Neverfull, especially since I already have a similar monogram bag in the Delightful. What do you guys think? Lol...Is it a NF overkill? Woyld love your honest opinions. TIA!
  2. I think its okay to get the Neverfull GM in Monogram. Since you have it in DE & DA already I think this handbag is really your style and suits your lifestyle very well.

    I would get the NF GM Mono before it gets discontinued. I think you might be kind of sorry down the road if you don't. :smile:
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    IMO I wouldn't. I'm not a fan of the GM size. this past weekend I saw a young lady with a monogram neverfull GM and I looked way to big. I would try a different style bag like a speedy b something other then a tote or open top. I have the delightful mm and I LOVE it. I do however like the delightful in GM size. I wish I could have found that at a reasonable price before I bought my delightful mm. good luck and let us know what you decide.
  4. One of my closest friends has the Neverfull MM in Mono, DE, and DA. She loves the bag so much because it suits her lifestyle so well. Her only other bag is a Speedy 30 in Mono and she's thinking about a Neverfull in Epi. I think if you love the Neverfull, and it works for you, then you should go for it!
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    I say get it! The Gm is nice for travel or just a long day out and about.
    I felt the same way about missing out so I bought one Saturday. My LV only had 2 left by the way..
    Oh, and I own the Delightful MM and don't think they are that similar..
    Let us know if you get one. ;)
  6. Get what your heart desires!

    Life is way too short!

  7. If you think you will get good use out of the GM, then get it :smile:
  8. I have the MM in Mon Mono with DE and DA on the way...overkill? Absolutely not! :giggles: The NF is a really great bag. If you love it and will use it, I honestly think you should get it. The Mono is the perfect print to go GM, love the way it looks cinched. I saw one with a beautiful patina, it was cinched tight but the bottom corners were out wider...:love: so pretty!
  9. Thank you for all the responses ladies, I really appreciate it! The two things that are holding me back is one, the similarity of purpose to my Delightful MM (spacious, light, comfy, mono) and two, will I be overwhelmed by the size since I am so used to the MM, although I could also get it in the MM size and then have all 3 prints for this bag. As you can see I really love the Neverfull! Although I would not consider getting it now were it not for the fact that the classic NF is being discontinued and I am quite indifferent to the pochette as well as the color interior so it irks me to have to pay an extra $300 later in for these changes. Please keep your opinions coming, it really helps! Thank you!
  10. +1 Get it now before it is gone. Plus, you might want a larger travel bag / tote. Plus, you can always cinch the sides when you feel like it is too big.
  11. I have the NF MM in DA and the NF GM in DE. The NF GM size I use all the time! It is a great bag. I actually would get the NF in Mono except I already own the Cabas Mezzo which is my mono tote. :smile: i love how the NF looks in mono though.
  12. If you love it and it works for you, get it! My friends make fun of me for buying the same bags or 3 of the same sweaters in dif. colors but I don't care. It's what I like! :P One of my friends thinks all Mono bags look the same regardless of style LOL.
  13. I say go for it... You don't have a Neverfull in mono yet, so I think it's fine. Plus it's a different size! I personally have 4 Neverfulls... ALL in the MM size... but different patterns (DA, DE, Mono and Roses). I think they look different enough (color/pattern wise anyway) to justify having multiples of the same shape/style as long as it's a style that you love and use! I did have a GM once, but found it TOO BIG. Maybe for travel, but not as a purse.
  14. Thank you everyone! I think I am closer to making a decision. I am 80% sure I'm getting the mono NF but now leaning towards the MM instead if the GM as this size is more in my comfort level. I can still change my mind and go for the GM if sufficiently I have put the last NF MM at NM on hold for 48 hours so this is the max time that I have to make a decision. Please keep the opinions coming. I love to know what everyone here thinks! Thank you!
  15. Glad your going to get it, I don't think you will regret it. Size wise try the GM you can use it as a large tote and cinch it in to make it smaller when you need to.