Need Advice!!

  1. Hi new to this forum and I was wondering if I could get your opinions! I was thinking of getting the pochette accessoires, but ive been seeing so many young girls (for example:ages 13-18) carrying this and I wondered if this LV looks youngish? Im 25 and I know LVs last a long time, but would I look silly carrying this when Im older? I like it because it would be good for nites out or just quick errands...can you please help??! Im open to any and all opinions, thanks!!! :shame:
  2. Welcome! I'm 22, but I don't think the pochette accessories looks youngish at all! I have one, and I love it! And I've seen woman older than I am who have this bag, and they rock it well.

    Have you considered other alternatives like the trotteur or the recital? Not too many young girls have this. And have you considered the pochette accessories in damier? I think that looks more polished and mature, too. :yes:
  3. I've seen people of all ages carrying it and I don't think it looked silly on "older" girls. If you like it, get it:yes:
  4. i am 12 and i have the pochette and the mc wapity....i think both are youthful and fresh, but when im 50, i will still defintly use them.....i think it is a great choice! like bernz said, maybe you can get it in the damier or the epi or even the vernis in the perele color...
  5. I still carry pouchettes and I am 30! They look good on everyone however I couldn't see myself using it as an everyday bag. I need something larger for that!
  6. i'm 29, and i like the pochette. i use it as a makeup bag inside my alma, or i carry it on its own when i only have a couple items i need to take with me while i run errands or go out only for a few hours. :biggrin:
  7. I'm, erm, thirtysomething, LOL, and I love mine!
    I got a long strap for it since the short strap drove me batty.
    I liked mine so much I got a Damier Trousse Makeup as well to use in the same way.
  8. I'm 22 and I :heart: my pochette..I think it great for when you go to dinner or go out.
  9. hmm..well u convinced me! thank u all for ur help! im going to go get it this wknd then..its my last splurge on myself since me & my fiance are getting a house in a month and he wants me to cut back on the shopping :yucky: but ill still do a lil browsing heehee :graucho:
  10. I am 29 and I like my mono pochette a lot. I think it looks good on women of all ages. LV is timeless. Besides, the price is not too bad and it could hold all the essentials.
  11. My alternative to the pochette is the recital. It's cute and the right size for going out @ night. During the day I like much bigger bags.
  12. I'm 20 and too old for the pochette lol. Okie fine that's not my real reason; I just don't like pochettes cuz they seem cheap to me (esp. the inside lining), too small as an actual bag and too big as an accessory bag......

    I agree! the recital is GREAT!
  13. I think it will only look "youngish" depending on who carries it. I collect the pochettes from all lines and I just turned really, I think anyone can carry it :yes: