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  1. Over at PurseBlog, we started a new series called Closet Confessionals in which we examine how readers and TPFers afford their bag addictions. Read about it in this intro article and submit your own confessional here. We are looking forward to hearing from you!
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  1. So my boyfriend is working on his personal training website and added a forum all about diet, fitness, wellness, etc. So if you want go check it out. It's just getting started, but so far it is mostly guys and the women's fitness section is lacking. :nuts:
  2. This looks like a very good forum! :yahoo:
  3. I'll check it out. Thanks!
  4. def register also, it's a slow process as it's going to a VB board just like purse forum. Also their is not a lot of info posted currently because of the move that is planned but any question you ask you will receive a answer that is based on science and not fads.
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