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  1. Okay I am trying to figure out which one of my Balenciaga's to keep. Calcaire city or Rouge theater city? I asked this question awhile ago but couldn't decide so I waited to figure out what I wanted to do. So any thoughts?
  2. The Calcaire is beautiful (so delicate and feminine!) but if you wear it a lot over time, it may fade to yellow. I think that all of Balenciaga's red shades are instant classics and are eternally chic!
  3. Haute to Trot - hey ya!!! Ummm, I'm a NEW fan to red - so I'd totally keep the rouge thearte for sure... :wlae: good luck on what you decide to do! :smile:
  4. Keep the red it's so wonderful!
  5. i would say keep the red :P
  6. I like the 05 Rouge Theatre the best of all the red shades... I'd keep that one.
  7. Red red red!!
  8. OMG, 05 Rouge:drool:keep it, keep it. :yes:You know how long i have been looking for one? it is a gorgeous color and very hard to find. And Oh Donna, has been looking for a Calcaire City for ever.:nuts: Good luck with your decision but 05 Rouge is beautiful.:flowers:
  9. I say keep the Calcaire. It's such a unique color.
  10. OH MY GOSH!
    REALLY, REALLY BAD!:crybaby:
  11. i want the rouge theatre city!!! LOL.
  12. i say Calcaire... it's beautiful!! (rouge too also...)
  14. Keep both! They are such different colours.
  15. I say keep the red because the calcaire will get dirty and possibly yellow. i love rouge theatre so i'm partial to that colour :P