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  1. #1 Feb 11, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2010
    Hi! I need some advice. I haven't used my manhattan pm for over year.

    1. Too small to carry all my stuff for everyday
    2. Afraid to get it dirty:smile:
    3. A little heavy at times

    So I have some buyers 800.00 and was wondering if that's a good price to sell(good condition leather is light honey patina), or if I should just keep it because it's still a beautiful purse. I just don't want to regret my decision later after I no longer have it. Any input would be helpful! Thanks!!!
  2. i sold both of my manhattan pm and gm....i wasn't in love with them anymore...and they sat in my closet for the longest time. they were both heavy and i didn't like the metal noise they made!
    i took a huge loss since they were in good condition....but i'm happy that i bought some other bags because of them!! LOL

    i don't miss them to be honest.... but that's just my experience! i hope you'd make a good decision and good luck!! :smile:
  3. Thanks sophia618. It makes me feel better I'm not the only one who doesn't love it as much anymore. I guess I just don't want to let go!! This is my 3rd time trying to sell it, but I'm going thru with it this time. :smile:
  4. Look at it this way - you don't love it, and $800 is a LOT of money to put towards a new bag that you will love!
  5. I say it's okay to sell, but make sure you buy another bag with whatever you get from selling it! If you're not in love with it anymore, let it go, but get something else fun!
  6. Since you're not using it anymore, sell it and get something you love!
  7. I would say sell, but be careful what you put on here. The mods might look at it as soliciting.
  8. I feel $800 may be a bit low for a bag in fairly new condition (since you have not been using it much) - that's like half of retail price! I always wonder why Manhattan tends to fetch a lower market price...perhaps I should have waited and get a pre-loved one, LOL! I own the Manhattan PM and love it - it's my first LV and will remain one of my favourites. However if you're not loving it, then it makes sense to sell it and use the money for another bag that you like.
  9. Okay thanks for that advice!
  10. I am planning on getting a new spring purse with the $ from the manhattan.
    Will post when I get it! Ok I will update later today!
  11. That is a good selling price. I sold mine for less.
  12. Sell, but make sure you get what YOU want for it. If $800 is good for you, then by all means, SELL. Get something you really want :tup:
  13. I agree! :smile:
  14. sell it.i think it's a good price.
  15. I would sell and get a new bag! :woot:
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