need advice...

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  1. Hi I just bought my HG of off the bay :yahoo: However the seller stated that the lining is pulling away from the leather seam. Has anyone sent their bag in for this? Do they fix it or can they fix it? I think I could live with it, but I would like it fixed. Also what do I use to clean what looks like ink? marks on the legacy lining? TIA! I am so excited for my HG to get here:yahoo:
  2. I'm useless when it comes to that. I haven't it cleaned anything yet. But I wonder what is your HG bag?
  3. Hairspray usually works for ink. Not sure about the repair on the lining though. Yeah, I wanna know what it is too!
  4. You should be able to I sent a bag that I have in because the lining was pulling they restitched and returned to me - enjoy
  5. The Grandma's cleaner you get at BB&Beyond and oxiclean spray worked for me for ink.
  6. Or, rubbing alcohol works for ink as well. :biggrin:
  7. thanks i cant wait to get my bag! thanks for the tips.
  8. I have always had great results with alcohol and ink both from a pen and marker. I have used hand sanatizer (with alcohol) in a pinch and it worked wonders.