Need advice!

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  1. Today I got blood drawn from a clinic I had never been to. I was a little weary due to the fact the medical assistant had shaky hands. I have very small veins and it is hard to draw blood from my arms..therefore it is done on the hands, instead. He first tried on my left hand..and could not get to my vein..all the while his hands are shaky still! He keeps telling me he's been doing this for a long time and finally decides it's not working and takes needle out. As he does so...I feel a burning sensation and he applies cotton swab on my hand. He tells me it's my veins swelling or something like that. :wtf: He then trys my right hand..and is able to finally get to my vein!

    When I got back to work..I took the bandaid off and noticed and felt the soreness on my left's a little swollen! I have applied ice to it..any other suggestions for it to go down? And has this happen to anyone else?! TIA.
  2. They always have a hard time finding a vein to draw blood from me too. I usually just ice it and it stops hurting in a couple of days...
  3. ^Thanks for hurts to use my middle finger to type at the I'm plucking at the! Has your hand ever bruised on you after blood was drawn?
  4. They usually eventually find a vein on my arm so I've never had it done on my hand...that sounds really painful! I'm a bit weary of the technician's hands shaking though...that doesn't sound right at all. Maybe he was too clumsy with you and that's why it bruised. I've never had brusing.
  5. ^I was not expecting him to draw blood from me...he was a nice man..but come on...hope it doesn't bruise..but I'm sure it will....
  6. I always bruise & swell when I have blood drawn. I haven't had blood drawn from my hands though. Considering how useless my arm is for a few hours after getting blood drawn, I wouldn't be able to work if it was drawn from my hands.

    Icing it is probably the best you can do.
  7. ^Thanks Raebelle! I have bony hands so I think that's another reason why it's sensitive right now...
  8. My veins are deep and they usually have a hard time drawing blood. To save time I tell them to take it from my hand. About half the time I get a bruise (from blood under the skin). Once in awhile I get swelling and a cold pack takes care of it, but the bruise may be sore for awhile.

    I sure wish we all had at least one great vein for lab tests. They would go much quicker and if you are in for surgery, the IV's are hooked up faster.

    For standard lab work, if you have a choice of places to go, choose the place that draws the most blood--they are the most experienced and will do less poking around--that hurts like crazy when they are in there searching for a vein. I eventually found a hospital outpatient lab where they just do blood draws all day long, and I'd drive a little farther to go there. The techs could do it blindfolded and it was over in seconds with no pain.
  9. I've had to have four draws this week (got Tuesday off). I have huge, noticeable needle marks in my elbow and a big bruise. The tech even joked today that the bruise matched the green trim on my sweater. I think this lab must be using a larger gauge needle. I wish I could switch, but I need to keep going to the same lab since I started there and the comparison between labs can vary. Ugh. I totally agree with Boxermom that it all depends on getting an experienced tech.

    In addition to the icing, it also helps to keep pressure on it for a few minutes right after they take the needle out. They usually have you hold the gauze there for a minute and then put the bandaid. Keep pressure on it for a couple more minutes and that helps.
  10. boxermom-thanks for the advice! Unfortunately I have a big nasty bruise on my left hand now..and is still a little tender...I will never go back to that place! The ice worked..and the swelling no longer exists..thankfully..but now I have this huge bruise on my hand..

    kimberf-yeah..I kept the bandaid for an hour before applying had to draw four times in one week?! You poor thing! :hugs: