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  1. I very much like this purse its in chocolate but dont know whether I should get it with pockets or not. An opinion would very helpful
  2. Can you post a photo?
  3. Picture
  4. [​IMG]

    The medium downtown in chocolate.
  5. i prefer w/pocket. it looks more 'downtown' that way.the three little studs in the middle,KWIM?
  6. i also prefer the one with pockets. it would look too plain without the pockets ;)
  7. Do you know if Ysl carries the chocolate patent medium downtown without pockets like the one above but without the front pocket
  8. I prefer the look of the bag with the pocket as well. It just gives the bag more character and style.
  9. I prefer the look with the pocket also! It looks funny without the pocket, like the bag wasn't finished:shrugs: