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  1. Hello girls. I haven't been on here for a long time! Been so busy. But anyway, I just got back from a visiting family and my little cousin in saw my black Balenciaga First and loved it. She wants one too but she's only 15 years old. Should I get her a real one or should I just buy a fake for now and pray that she can't tell the difference then buy her a real one later when she gets older?
  2. I wouldn't suggest a fake, but I do know that Besso makes a designer inspired version that is real leather and only about $125. I actually bought one for my niece and she loves it.
  3. OH I miss you Kat!!!! where have you been hiding all these times...LOL

    anyhow, hmmm maybe try to buy her something similar you know? but not a fake one....( ^^ oppssss same thought as above, LOL)
  4. she has good taste for a fifteen year old...when i was fifteen everything i wanted was pink, purple, and
  5. i know right! i think she is more in love with softness of the leather and the simple design. she doesn't know anything about name brands yet! thank goodness!

    nhelle - it's been a long time right? been staying away for awhile since I can't eye anymore b-bags for one year!!! but i love my birkin! get one nhelle....i know you of all people will appreciate it :yes: :heart:
  6. Hi sweetsparkle!! Long time no hear!!! We miss you here:smile: Hope you've been having fun.....if your cousin is responsible and won't let it get out of control, it might be the treasured bag of her childhood.....she's so young though it's a tough call...nice to hear from you!
  7. I agree that she's too young for a $1000 bag, but it's also probably not good socialization to buy her a fake. I also vote for a designer-inspired bag that doesn't pretend to be what it's not. It will teach her better values IMO.

  8. honey i already have a black birkin, tee hee hee....I sold my thalassa blue box birkin not long ago to a lovely lady from PF too:love:

    I miss you girl!!!!!
  9. thanks ladies for your advice. i'll probably end up getting her a real black first from this season. but she better treasure it with her life! hehe.

    varsha - sorry i've been away.....miss you too! how's the bag? ;) wink wink :graucho: hehe. :heart:

    amour - miss you too! btw, like the gaucho bag? thinking of getting one....
  11. omg varsha! i love my birkin. my husband got me a 30 white birkin but he made me swear off buying bags for a year! hehe. but thank goodness my sister wants to buy me a bag for my wedding so i was thinking a fun the gaucho? but i'm not too sure. but i will definitely post pics of my birkin in the hermes section. any new bags you purchased lately?
  12. Wow...sounds HOT!!! Don't thinkI've ever seen a white it's stunning! I got an off white old style balanciaga messenger last week so I'm really into white bags...can't wait to see your pics...sounds awesome! congrats!!!!
  13. don't indulge her in this age :P ... she'll be crazier than us girls later in her 20s or 30s
    try to buy almost the same style or same leather feeling? and also tell her that it's not a cheap bag & teach her the value of it, so she'll appreciate one later.
  14. Hmmm...tough call. I definitely wouldn't give a 15 year old a $1000 bag...maybe you can buy one off eBay or maybe give it to her for her 18th birthday/high school graduation present? Or even make her "work" for the bag...getting good grades in school/doing chores...something where she actually contributes towards the purchase of the bag instead of it being a gift "just because".
  15. Honey where have you been hiding all these times...?
    We miss you!
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