Need advice....

  1. Do you think it is a mistake to accept an offer on ebay for my bbag from a member who sold a fake? I received an offer that I would be willing to accept, but I checked the person's feedback and she only has a rating of 3, one of which was from an auction in which she sold a fake bbag:wtf:. Should I decline the offer? Do you think it is a risk to sell to her? What would you do?
  2. yes i would decline (you never know what this type of ebayer will try to pull) I'm sure a more established buyer will come along soon
  3. hey ya
    if you dont feel safe/happy with it then please dont through with it... any sign of doubt then RUN!!! at the end of the day it might take a little longer to find/sell but at least you'll have that safe feeling! AND... i guess its probably best to ask y the seller sold a fake... dig for information and if the seller is willing to give you an honest answer then just follow what you believe in... good luck!!!
  4. I would decline since that buyer might pull a switch n' bait on ya. It's just not worth that stress!
  5. I would decline. The fact this person scammed an innocent buyer says it all. You never know what she might pull.
    Plus, You will not have a problem selling this gorgeous bag.
  6. if you don't feel good about it, then don't do it~~~~
  7. If there's anything I learned from eBay if you have even an ounce of doubt don't go through with the transaction. Just a funny selling story, but once I had an ebayer bid on an auction, send me an e-mail, then retract her bid saying I took too long to reply (only a matter of hours- I was still sleeping) and then use the BIN. Her actions really made me wonder about her, but then again I did get the higher price so I let it slide. Anyways, when she got it (it was brand new) she claimed that it was fake because it smelled funny. Oh yes, her nose told her so. I told her it was just the smell of something new and to take it to her local boutique and get it authenticated. Long story short...the moral is: if something doesn't jive well with you from the start it'll continue on like that all the way until the end :girlsigh: Go with your gut, you'll always come out on top in the end. :flowers:
  8. yeah, you should really trust your instincts in this case.

    although i have to say there is a difference between selling a replica and saying it is a fake versus pretending something is authentic and tricking someone into believing so.
  9. I would decline for all the reasons mentioned. It's not worth all the stress & worry!
  10. definitely decline, you feel better that you didn't get ripped off
  11. Is the protential buyer recovershopaholic1? I just checked her feedback and yeah she did sell a fake black classic and looks like she's has another ebay id bfgf1985. They both seem to love the philadelphia flyers and are from ontario plus..
    check out both their seller's payment instructions.. looks exactly the same. btw.. isn't bfgf reespiece?
  12. ^^ That's some excellent detective work :ninja: Wow good call galiano. :supacool:
  13. keep us posted~
  14. the plot thickens.....
  15. Yikes, def decline, especially if RP is indeed the potential buyer. You don't need that kinda stress in your life.