Need Advice

  1. I purchased a large signature carly in brass/khaki/black in July 2007 from Macys. I am very careful with my bags but on the top of the bag where the fabric folds over the top towards the zipper, the fabric is frayed. It looks like a little hole but its not all the way through. I just noticed a second spot doing this. I called coach and was told that my macys had to handle the situation. Well, lucky for me, I have a great relationship with the coach SA at Macys. Basically, I can get a brand spanking new Carly. Same as my current one. But, should I? I'm a little worried that the same thing may happen again. Has this happened to anyone else? Then I thought maybe for the same price, I would get the med. carly in black leather. BUT, I love the large sig one. Since it has black leather and brown signature, it goes with everything. They have the same replacement in stock, but not the black med. leather. Only brown leather. Should I wait for a black leather?get brown leather or red leather? which are both in stock. What should I do? What would you do? Help, I need advice.
  2. I'm sorry. I just realized that this posted to the PCE section. I don't know If I can move it? Please move for me if need be. I'm sorry. Its my first time starting a new thread.