Need advice

  1. I have a big problem that I can solve. So I've always wanted a Balenciaga because of the design and how the leather is supposed to be buttery. So I bought a pewter first thinking that it's a good color to go with stuff and the right size. But now I'm unsure about it... Well I have been for a while. The leather isn't as wonderful as I expected, and I thought it was just me. But I went to two consignment store in the past week and looked at old leather bags and the leather was soft as... Well it was really soft.
    Do you think I should sell my pewter so that I could get another one that has softer leather? I kind of want to keep the pewter because I know my bf likes it a lot and it reminds me of him... But I think I'm not getting enough usage out of the bag because it's not as "saggy" as I thought it would be. What do you think?
  2. Sweets.. i think you have to give it some time.. especially if it's still new.. you have to "weigh" it down a little.. bring it out on walks often. and it will squooosh up.. promise!
    i havea pewter weekender that is like a huge pillow for me now.. started off rather stiff.. =)

    good luck!
  3. Also, the metallics are a different kind of leather than the other b bags - lamb, as opposed to goat. i had both an 04 and 05 pewter, and though they soften up, i wouldn't say they ever get smooshy.
  4. I just bought an 06 Origan City, and have noticed that even after just a couple of weeks the leather is getting softer. I'm carrying the bag as much as possible to hasten the process. But I'd also agree that metallic leathers in general are a bit less soft than non-metallics. I think it's just the nature of the beast.
  5. The thing with the metallics is that they have some sort of coating on top that makes them feel a little 'plasticky'... they will soften up with use definitely, but the feeling will always be different to the regular leather. Pewter first is a great bag tho... why not keep it and get another non-metallic one :amuse:
  6. Keep the Pewter First--it's a gorgeous bag!!! I agree with everyone; the leather will soften up as you use it more. I like the pewter in the style you got it in best! :smile:
  7. i agree- give it a month or so... not a month in the dustbag either. use it! it will soften up and take on its own personality before long ;)
  8. you HAVE to keep the pewter first. i would die for that bag; i've been looking for it and keep missing it. argh!! :smash:

    the metallics definitely feel different from the non-metallics bc of that coating that is needed to make the bag shiny.
  9. Thanks for all the advice. I hope my bag does soften... I should start saving up so that I could get a non-metalic bbag... Oh you guys are so bad...
  10. Do you guys think if I use leather conditioner it'll make the bag softer?
  11. hmmmmmmmmm, i'm not sure if it's safe to use the AG conditioner on a metallic :wondering ...but let's wait for the experts to weigh in!!!

  12. I agree.....I think you should wait to hear what others have to say...dont want to ruin a gorgeous bag....