Need advice

  1. I won a coach bag on eBay for $380 its retail for almost $700, the seller listed in your listing that its used but in excellent condition and point out that there was a small mark on the outside and show pic of it, in any event i was excited that i paid extra to have it send overnight, i just receive the bag and the lining of the bag is very dirty and that was not mention in your listing.
    What should i do?
  2. I think you sould take a picture of the dirty lining and email the seller that you are dissapointed that the bag is so dirty when she only stated a little mark in the outside. Maybe she'll offr you a partial refund. $380 is fair for an exellent condition used bag but not dirty.
  3. That sucks!! I hate it when items are listed incorrectly. Is it capable of cleaning? Or is it stains that will not come out? If you email the seller the odds are they will help you in resolving the problem especially if they have good feedback. Classy
  4. Many sellers fully disclose and I hate it when one doesn't and the item shows up damaged, dirty or smelly. If you really want it nicely ask for a partial refund; if it's too gross then ask for a full refund since it was absolutely not as described.
  5. The seller is not answering my email and i just notice the piping is peeling, i will never buy on eBay again unless the item is brand new because when seller list like new or excellent condition you truly dont know what you will be getting.:tdown:
  6. It has been my experience that "NWOT" should be subtitled "USED - but I want to get more money out of it!"

    I just know that there are a few bad sellers that really make it tough for us "good" sellers who will do the absolute best we can to ensure our buyers are happy and satisfied!
  7. Oh, no, I'm so sorry to hear there is more wrong with this bag! It's still early on a Sunday and the seller may not be near her computer. However, you can call the seller. Just go go Ebay, click on "advanced search". When the next page comes up look on the left side under search and click on "find a contact". That should give you a telephone number for the seller. Hope this helps you reach the seller.
  8. So sorry. I am so picky about my lining all my purses still have perfect or near perfect lining. But my sister always has make-up stains in hers. Anytime someone does not take a picture of the lining it is a good idea to ask for one. WE care about the inside, but there are those who are only worried about the outside.
  9. Ladies, what should i do, should i filed a claim with paypal or just send it back to her or resell, i am so upset i am out of almost $400 for a dirty, piping peeling bag. She has not reply to my email.:cursing:
  10. Start the dispute process. It was SNAD (Significantly Not As Described). She is now a non-communicative seller, who is probably hoping you just go away.

    Don't let it fly! You are unhappy! Open up the dispute, if the seller doesn't respond to it, you'll get your money back. If the seller responds but you can't come to a mutual agreement, then you can file a claim. Make sure you have tons of GREAT photos showing the detail of the interior as you found it. Whatever you do, don't do anything to alter the condition in which you received it.

    You have a strong case. Let us all here at tPF know what happens.
  11. Some sellers are afraid to disclose the real condition of their items thinking if they do they will not get the amount of money they want for them. Please keep us posted.
  12. Do not send the bag back, until told to do so by Paypal.

    Good luck!

  13. She finally reply back to my email and she told me to return it and she will refund my money, why do seller not list the true condition of there items, its hard for me to believe that she has not aware of the condition of the bag. i send it back this moring i send it express mail. I will keep you ladies posted.
  14. Good Luck! Let us now the outcome. Did you used signature confirmation?