Need advice.

  1. I need some advice from the experts. I currently have 9 cats. After fostering 2 wonderful Maine Coon brothers my DH and I have decided to adopt them. We let them have free roam of the house today and came home to find someone had marked on the bed and floor in my guest room. I am guessing one of my current cats is unhappy with the new boys. All cats have been neutered or spayed and everyone is in good health. What is the best way to integrate the new boys into my current furry family?? The new guys are very laid back and sweet. They are not alpha in any way. Help I need your advice!
  2. hm how old are they?

    when i brought my male kitten twinkle home my other adult male cat (neutered, alpha male) had a fit. hiss-y fit to be exact. it's been 4 months now and at least they can sit on the same sofa together but that's about it. it's getting better though. eventually i think it will mend itself.

    but you have so many. i'd suggest keeping the new boys separate for a while and bringing them out for small periods of time and patting everybody. bring treats out when you put them together so they all associate lots of cats together with treats. maybe that will help?

    good luck!
  3. Thanks for the advice. I guess it is just going to take a bit longer. The 2 new boys are 2 and 3 years old. They are not going to be the problem. It is going to be my crabby old guy I think. I am just going to go slow and be patient.
  4. It is always tough introducing a new cat and from what I understand it should be done very slowly. I have been told that the new kitties should be confined in a separate room for at least a few days so that the old kitties and the new ones get used to each others smell. They can paw each other under the door and get curious about the new cats without fully having their territory invaded to start.
  5. great advice!!! that's exactly what the pros recomend. good luck!!! in the mean time, a big bottle of natures miracle is going to be your best friend. also you can try those feliway difusers, that you plug into to the wall. my vet swears by them, they're expensive tho.
  6. ^^The Feliway diffusers are expensive, but worth their weight in gold! We bought some when we were having problems getting one of our kitties to accept our puppy and they really did make her calm down quite a bit.