Need advice...

  1. I just sold a Chanel wallet on eBay. Buyer received it approximately a week ago. The title describes it as caviar leather (which it is). The inside of the wallet is smooth though. It was used and had plenty of photos, inside and out, there were a few minor scratches on the inside of the wallet which were pictured and mentioned in the description. I just got an email from buyer saying the inside leather is too soft and is scratching easily and she wants a refund and that the auction said it was caviar. I am now worried she's scratched it all up in the week she's had it (more then it was).
    My auction states no refunds except for authenticity. Now, I know if you take Paypal (which I do) that means almost nothing. If she files a claim, what do you think will happen? Would you just refund her money? I'm so sick of eBay, I swear.
  2. She might probably report it as being SNAD, even though you did your best to describe the condition. Screencap your auction, send it to her and let her know firmly that you won't give her a refund. Unless you want to. If she files a claim, the funds in your paypal account (if you left money in there) will be frozen. If she issues chargeback, the worst that could happen is you being banned from paypal. To prevent that next time, don't accept paypal. Their seller protection policy is non-existent.
  3. I think I'd call her bluff and tell her no refunds and the product was as described in the auction. You've got your description to back you up. It sounds as if it's buyer's remorse, so I'd sit tight and see what she does.
  4. tell her you clearly stated no refunds and if she doesn't want it she can resell it on eBay
  5. If she files a claim through paypal and you dispute it and she wins, they will pay her the purchase price plus the original shipping and then charge you $10.
  6. I'm sick of buyer's like this. They want to use eBay and "shop" for items on approval. Sounds to me like you covered all bases in your description by stating no refunds other than the authenticity issue. You took plenty of pictures and described the wallet accurately. She just doesn't like it and wants to return it.

    If she files a dispute, fight it. There is a good chance you'll win (depending on how she paid).
  7. Help!!! Update on OP:
    Now, this woman is telling me that she took it to a consignment store and a Chanel boutique and neither could authenticate it so she's sending it back!! It is authentic, I purchased it myself at Neiman Marcus. I sent her a copy of the receipt and all the paperwork. Argh! My reply:
    "I'm sorry, but the item is authentic and I do not accept returns so I suggest you take this up with Paypal. They will have you get written proof from"
    I won't be forced to refund, will I? :cursing:
    By the way, I do not have any available funds in my Paypal account and no running auctions. What will they do about that if they decide in her favor?
    Thanks for any info.
    Edit: Actually, I do have running auctions, but the payments are going to a different Paypal account.
  8. I say call her bluff. I don't think PayPal will side in her favor since you described the item accurately and you have a receipt. Also, when she sees that she will have to pay the My Poupette fee for authentication, she may back off.
    BTW, I suggest transferring the funds out of your PayPal account as soon as they come in. This way they can't "freeze" your funds if a claim is filed. I hope this helps, good luck!
  9. Oh yes, I transferred all funds right after her first email. I even drained the bank account (my husband's "ebay only" account)linked with it to $1.83, just to be on the safe side. The auctions I'm running now are being sent to a different paypal account, in my name.

  10. Great. Now let's just hope she's not a psycho, like the buyer I'm dealing with (lol)!
  11. I know! I read your post. Sorry about your issues. I really had no idea how many nutcases were out there until I started selling on ebay. Please make sure you file a police report. I really think she's just trying to scare you though.
  12. If she files a snad, she will have to prove authenticity. If it is authentic then you will not lose, especially since you still have the receipt.
  13. Good Luck! I hope it works in your favor.