Need advice...

  1. I sold a used bag on eBay. It clearly stated used but in excellent condition. I even mentioned the flaw. Then the buyer emailed me she thought it is new and if she can retract her bid. She did not even bid, she made an offer. Then I emailed her if she will pay for the item. And I told her I am just going to file npb and leave negative feedback for non-payment. She then paid for it and got mad because I threaten her to leave negative feedback. Did I do the right thing? I don't really know what to do with situation like this. I am afraid she will neg. me when she gets the bag. Please tell me what to do next time this happens. Thanks guys.
  2. You should have let her withdraw and filed with eBay to get your fees back. Buyers like this arent worth the time and hassle and the worry you are now going thru when you could have just filed and you both withdrawn from the transaction and left amicable feedback. I've learned over the years buyers just aren't worth fighting with. Let them withdraw, you'll get your refund of fees. They'll only be a pain in the butt when they get the item if they are already complaining before it even gets to them. Good luck.
  3. ditto to above comments
    wise words indeed
  4. I have to ditto the above too.
  5. Sorry to add my voice to the chorus but I too would have passed on her offer as painful experience has taught me a reluctant buyer feeling hostile is going to lead to problems and there is always someone else who will want the item. I do understand your frustration, but I guess the way to look at it is that you're protecting your own interests better this way.

    In fact, I might even consider giving her a refund and going down the 'agreed not to complete' route. It's just a suggestion and I can understand why you might prefer not to but perhaps worth considering for a moment?