Need advice!

  1. I cannot get the day bag with GH in vert gazon off of my mind. They have it at Neiman Marcus but i am having so much trouble justifying spending that much on a bag. It would be my first expensive bag purchase and im so hesitant but i want it SO badly.

    Im sure some of you have been in the same position at one point, so i need your advice! should i just take the plunge and get it? or be realistic and buy a bag that is more affordable??

  2. I'm in the same exact position! I've been looking at the City bag and debating over whether or not to spend that much money on a handbag. The most I've spent is $450 and this bag is almost 3X as much! I honestly think that I'm just going to go for it and get it. If I receive it and stare at it for a couple of days and just adore it, then I know I'll keep it. But if I get it and I'm even the slightest bit unsure about keeping it, then I'll return it. I actually haven't seen one of these bags in person yet, just over the internet. It's definitely a big decision and I wish you luck with yours!
  3. No doubt about it, these bags cost a lot of money. However, if you start off with one that you really, really love, you will find you carry it all the time and actually stop looking at other bags! You kind of become bag-monogamous.

    So if you look at the other bags you already have and think, "If I get this GH Day can I not buy another one for a long, long while" then maybe you can rationalize it that way.

  4. Personally, if it were me and I had never spent that much on a bag, I think I would hold off. I think this particular bag because Katie Holmes carried it (and maybe the GH) in general has an "it" status right now and it may look dated in a few months. I could be wrong and it may end up like seafoam or something but I think I would spend the money on something more classic (and understated). Unlike something such as '04 seafoam, the newer bags are more mass produced so I suspect there will be more on the market as people move on to the next hot color or hardware. That being said, as highgloss said, if it is the one you really love and you think you will use it, it is a good investment. I guess I would just consider if the whole Katie Holmes hype is why you want it or if it is because this is really the bag for you. Not sure if that is much help.
  5. I have to agree with this. Will this color bag work with your wardrobe? I could see taking the big step to such an expensive bag on a neutral color but for me, there isn't very much in my wardrobe that I could wear this color bag with. Just a thought.
  6. I do like black and also grey and they are more sensible colors. However, i sometimes think if i am paying so much for a bag i want it to be something that will stand out like this color green or a bright blue. These are just thoughts. Thanks for the feedback!
  7. I'm with you, I like things to stand out from the crowd and a black, brown or white bag just doesn't do that. I just bought a City in the Oxblood and I can't wait to see it! If there is a certain color that you are drawn to, just get it! That's how I was feeling about the oxblood, it just seemed to be calling my name!
  8. I like the brown colors in Balenciaga. So something in GH will definitely be stylish enough and at the same time give you that Pop.

    There have been pics posted of the GH line in truffle as well as sandstone. It doesn't hurt to look into it.

    Tough decision- I know.
  9. If you are thinking about it this hard and often, you may regret it if you don't get it! What if it's not available when you finally convince yourself?
    It is a lot of money, but BBags make me so happy just to hold and look at them!:love:
  10. Think in terms of Cost per Use as opposed to cost per bag. That is how I justify $185.00 Jeans. I would rather buy a $1200.00 bag that I use to death than a $450.00 bag that gets used on occasion. Treat yourself! As long as the color works with your wardrobe, go for it!!:woohoo: Just be warned, it won't be your last Bbag purchase!!!

  11. Omg! "bag-monogamous"
    You are so right. lol
    I've even shunned my LV's since I got my First.
  12. Since this will be your first big purchase, get something that you really love, that you know you can match to most of your wardrobe & that you really feel you will love & use for a long time.
  13. I have that VG GH Day.

    I've had it since January.....therefore no Katie influence involved at all.

    I have to say it is such an amazing color and oddly enough it seems to be a neutral and goes with everything. It really does.

    I would buy it, bring it home and try it out on your wardrobe so you can be comfortable with such a bold color. It is NOT bright it is BOLD.

    Keep us posted on what you decide.
  14. Um, just so ya know, you're asking the wrong crowd. Bbag addicts are obssessed, compulsive, impulsive, oh and did I mention addicted?
    Either buy the bag, or run. Run far away and don't ever come back.
  15. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: