Need Advice!!

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  1. DH just called me and is leaving Las Vegas to come back to So. Cal. and he said is there anything you want from Louis Vuitton??? I dont know what to tell him since i am not there and i dont want to spend too much....

    Anyone have any suggestions of something really nice and maybe not too expensive OR something really cool? I just got the Azur Speedy and i think the Indigo Vernis looks really good with it but i dont think they make it anymore i think the hair cubes are soooo cute, please any ideas or i will miss my chance!

    Thanks for reading my crazy ramblings...:yes:
  2. What about a pomme or framboise agenda or a cles? Or something Groom? Do they have any inclusion pieces left? The inclusion speedy is adorable! Let us know what you decide!
  3. This is a tough one. I would ask for any mandarin pieces that might still be available.
  4. call the LV stores there or 866 and see if the indigo it out there. There are 5 LVs in Vegas:

    1. Caesar's 702-732-1227
    2. Wynn 702-650-9007
    3. Fashion Show Mall 702-731-9860
    4. Neimans 702-731-3636
    5. Saks 702-940-1357

    you might be more likely to find it at Saks or Neimans!

    BTW, awesome DH you have there!!
  5. My suggestions:

    Pomme Vernis Cles
    Pocket Agenda with Refills
  6. I would get a wallet, agenda or a cles...they're small but very essential items!!
  7. i'd go with a wallet and the jack and lucie charm!
  8. To go with an azur speedy, the gold disco ball charm and a pomme zippy wallet. MMM MMM Good.
  9. I think any of the vernis cles would look good with your azur!
  10. Here are my suggestions:

    Pomme or Framboise agenda
    Pomme or Framboise cles
    Azur cles
    Azur french purse or koala wallet
    MC white wapity
  11. oh forgot to add....

    Azur mini pochette (so cute!)
  12. Thanks everyone i love all the ideas! i was going to go with the Vernis cles and have him call me with whatever colors they had there but he is concerened about the rain on the way back and he said he isnt going :crybaby:

    but he said he will take me down to Beverly Hills this weekend and i can pick out what i want :yahoo:

    Thanks for all the help because now i will know what to look for!
  13. I think something in pomme or framboise vernis would go wonderfully with your azur...maybe a cles or a 4 key holder?
  14. what about a mini pochette?

    BTW, whats the benefit of buying LV in vegas when they are a lot of lv stores around oc? I inquired at the cesars palace lv and they say they still charge 7-something % tax? :shrugs:
  15. Waht about a Pomme Zippy or an agenda?