need advice

  1. on a "marf". i swore i wouldn't have any threads about the s word anymore. anyway i went to buy this "marf" in the black, pink and white colorway (the madame and monsieur). i tried it on and i love the black edging but wasn't sure the pink looked that good on me. not to mention i don't love love that the little grey items inside are such a different color that you can pretty much make them out when you're wearing it...

    anyway the SA pulled out the same "marf" in the brown and black colorway. it's stunning. she said they only got one and she was saving it for the right person. lol. i think it looks better on me and i love the color.

    so, i bought it. but i'm still torn. is it way too winter? should i have gotten the pink one anyway since it's really springy and it's almost time for spring and summer? is the brown really as hard to find as she said it was?


    by the way- i ended up getting my mom the black chain d'acre (did i spell that right?) ring. i think it's very classy and easier to use. the SA also gave us both the carre folding brochure! yay!
  2. Sounds like you purchased the right "marf"...the one that flatters you most that you find most appealing... I do not think it is too winter...think "safari" colors (browns, greens, khakis) for summer... : )
  3. I have the one with black and brown... I think that's the one you have... it has yellow in it, too... right? I soooo love that scarf!! I will wear mine in the summer but I always wear dark colors in the summer. I'm definitely not a pink or bright color person so this scarf will work fine for me. I guess it just depends....

    Is this the one?
  4. ooh hadn't thought of that. good call. thank you. i know i have brown capris but wasn't sure the white and pink wouldn't be lighter, kwim?
  5. yes yes yes! that's it! delish right?
  6. What's a marf???? :confused1: I missed it!
  7. Delish :yes: ... yes indeed!!! I want it in the green colorway, too. :yes:
  8. there's GREEN? omg. i only saw the blue besides these.

    marf rhymes with...
  9. They used to have the green/brown on but it's no longer there.:sad:
  10. I actually like the brown/black better for summer. IMHO, black and white scarves are tough to wear and to find things to go with them other than black or white. ( although I love the high contrast). I think you made the right choice.
  11. "scarf"....LOL!! But really, if that is the "marf" that appealed to you, then I think you made the right decision.
  12. When I saw you posted another new thread, I was wondering what other "marf" questions you would ask.
  13. thank you. the black and white one did look very nice with the grey sweater i'm wearing... but i think this one went best with my hair. and it's harder to tell the pattern. i think the pattern is STUNNING but looks a little weird in grey when you can see it's like a wallet or a shoe or something...
  14. :sad: i'm done. i promise. forever.:crybaby:
  15. ......or until another "marf" catches your eye?:p