Need advice....would you take a new box kelly

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  1. on vacation? I finally got my dream black box :heart:kelly last month. But, she's been sitting in her box since she arrived. Partly because it's summer (lighter coloroed clothes and more casual lifestlye for me), and partly because I favor my birkins for work...and (this is the embarrassing part)...partly because I'm worried about damaging the bag.:confused1:

    We're taking a little family trip to Europe in a few weeks, and I'm wondering whether this could be the chance for the inaugural kelly outing? I'll only be able to bring one purse, so maybe a birkin would be better...especially since we'll be in London (where rain is always a danger)?

    I almost wish I'd bought a vintage kelly so I wouldn't worry so much....any advice would be much appreciated.
  2. These bags are meant to be used. Having said that though, I wouldn't take a brandspanking new box Kelly on an overseas trip. Chances for nasty scratches during airline travel are just too great. Better to take a Birkin that can take a bit of beating and yes, the weather would be a concern too.
  3. Hi hi!! First of all, congratulations in your new box Kelly!!! I love box and I love kellys so this is a perrrrrrfect combo in my eyes! :nuts:

    I was totally like that too when I first got my orange box Kelly (yay!!!!!) I was so afraid to use her too! But then I relaxed and used her (with great care of course!!). Yours is black so even better than orange, in terms of scratches and stuff. You would be surprised how durable box is!

    Having said that though, I wouldn't travel with box in case you are caught in the rain and stuff. ;)
  4. I think you should definitely use your new box Kelly as much as possible, but I don't think this is the right inaugural voyage for her, particularly if you are only bringing one bag. I think the risk of rain in London is too great, and I would hate for your new beauty to blister!
  5. xiaoxiao, thank you! you and I were hoping to see each other at the store the day I bought it, but unfortunately, I did not see you there. I think you are right, better to save the kelly for later. How fun that you have an orange kelly! The birkin I think I'll take to Europe is orange, too, but swift...our bags would be friends
  6. oh swift orange birkin!!! I think my heart just skipped a beat!!! Please would you post a pix of that lovely to make my day? :hugs:

    Too bad I didn't see you at the store when you bought it! Next time when you want to buy something, make sure to let me know so I can tag along. Haha. I have been drooling over strangers h bags for way too long, would be a nice change for once. Hahahaha!
  7. Enjoy your vacation! Don't take your kelly, you'll probably be stressed over her and won't enjoy your trip properly.
  8. Enjoy your vacation! I think a non-box Birkin would be more convenient but Kellys are great for the evenings, especially to the theater and dinner. If you would really like to take your box Kelly, maybe bring a protective gear (waterproof nylon bag) that you can use for the rain and when the bag has to go through the X-ray airport and when storing in the airplane.
  9. i have no basis on which to offer you advice on your box kelly per se, audreyhepburn, but as a frequent traveler, i totally agree with those who have said: you don't want to be thinking about it too much when you're on vacation; so take one that you are comfortable (looking gorgeous) with and have fun! (we need a smily-icon in the rain, don't we?)
  10. I won't even buy box, much less recommend bringing it to most of Europe unless the Chinese can use their rain machine here and guarantee no rain! [​IMG] Of course, it does depend where you're headed. In Greece, I'm sure you'd be fine. :biggrin:
  11. birkin, take the birkin, when you travel on airplanes esp to europe you tend to need more space in your bag for make up, magazines, etc, and if you have kids, you always need toys to entertain them. last time i went to europe i took a small bag. on the return i had to buy another carryon just to pack the incidentals that would not fit because of the things i bought while there :smile:
  12. You're quite right, Kittykelly, I will need toys to entertain the little one, and supplies. Nothing beats a birkin for I just need to find an excuse to break out my kelly some other time.
  13. I totally agree.
  14. I would take the birkin a bit easier to travel with. The weather her can not be trusted! this summer has not been the best and it was so cold on Saturday that I found my self in Hermes trying on the fall cashmire scarfs
  15. ^^^ very good excuse !!! ;)