Need advice...White YSL Muse...Keep it?

  1. I just bought the white YSL Muse from NM. I already bought way too many bags, but it was such a good deal! But it seems like the bag is pretty big (14 1/2"H x 17 3/4"W x 6"D). Anyone have this? Is this the oversize one? I'm only 5'4" and don't want it to look huge on me. Should I keep it or cancel? :confused1:

    Yves Saint Laurent -  Muse Bag, White -  Neiman Marcus
  2. It is a great deal. I am your height and I found the oversize (XL) just too large on me. It wasn't comfortable to carry (I was getting black as a winter bag, and the muse ends up being hand held a lot if you are wearing anything bulky, because the straps aren't very long), so I got the large muse instead. See what you think when it comes and you can try it on. It's worth it to take a look and see how you feel about it in person. I am sure you can return a sale item so long as you send it back promptly, right?
  3. ^ I agree with Moo. It is a great deal. Can you wait to get it, and then decide once you are able to actually try it on? That's probably what I would do.

    The XL was too large for me as well so I went with the large (and I'm 5'8") but I've seen pictures of some shorter ladies who looked great carrying the XL. It really is just about personal preference.
  4. If you cancel PM me...I'll buy it from you...when did you get the great deal???
  5. I don't mean to be a party pooper, but I'm pretty sure that buying and selling is a no-no on tPF.
  6. sorry....
  7. Oh my God! U did pretty good deal! It seems large size, which is the best size, I think, and the color too! I'm searching for some discounted muse, still can't find it! My advice is keep it!!! Summer 's getting which is white damn good!
  8. I don't know--that's a huge expanse of white--not always the most flattering "color" to be carrying around, especially if you're ambivalent about it to begin with.
  9. Hey sandy..I'm not sure if it was you who posted the link in steals and deals thread a while back but I printed out the link and took it to my local NM and they honored the sale price even though it's a regular stock item. I love the bag although I haven't brought it out of the house yet and I'm 5'2'' and the bag is just the right size, not too big not too small. Btw, it's gorgeous irl. =)
  10. OMG i cant believe it! do you think they will honor this printed out link at any NM store? lets say in New York? :yes:
  11. ^^ koalaph--let me know if they honor it for you! That is such a good deal!
  12. I called a store and they said no...she is very fortunate that they honored the sale price...
  13. keep it, it's such a good deal to pass up
  14. Hi Sandywu ... maybe I am unlucky but I give it a try. Do you still thinking to sell it. I am willing to buy that white Muse (like no one asked before :shame: ) ... I've been looking for white colour on that size ...
    Just really by chance you still have it ... cos I know it's a very popular bag ...
    thx :yes:
  15. sorry girls ... just read earlier post by kate ... :noggin: