Need advice:which to choose??

  1. Hey! I bought 2 items for PCE. I went w/my friend who had a PCE card that we shared. It was grueling to decide, let me tell you!!

    My friend was eyeing the hamptons vintage leather wristlet in bordeaux...I had seen those wristlets on the website and thought they were TDF...we couldn't decide on our purchases, went to eat, clear our heads, and came back.

    My friend decided NOT to get the wristlet...then as we were checking out, she said, "oh, ok!" Well, the SA said there were none in the back, but she could have the floor sample...I then decided I had to have one, too, but the SA's looked on the comp. at JAX, website, and other stores in area and ALL were sold out in bordeaux!!:sad:

    So, because I loved it so, I then at the last minute got one in black!! My friend the next day told me the one she got in bordeaux was a present for me for Xmas!!

    She loved it too, but wants me to decide what I want to do...keep the black or take the bordeaux. She was so ticked that I got mine at the last minute!

    Now, to questions...

    1)Do any of you have this gorgeous wristlet? How do you like it?

    2) Do you think it's really unavailable in that color now?

    3) What would you do...keep the black, or go for the bordeaux??

    BTW...Someone tried on the black Miranda while I was there...GORGEOUS...but so heavy!! I read here that they may come out w/ a smaller version...

  2. Here are the pics... I forgot to attach!
    40695_B4BX_d2.jpg wristlet bordeaux.jpg 40695_B4BK_d2.jpg  wristlet black.jpg
  3. I love the bordeaux. Its a hot color! You can buy black anytime. What a sweet friend to give you such a great gift! :yes:
  4. I like the black better.
  5. Oh, both of them are really nice... Would you be wearing this as a wristlet or using it inside a bag? If you're wearing it as a wristlet I'd probably get bordeaux, but if you were going to use it inside a bag I'd probably get the black so that it'd match almost everything.
  6. I would use it as a wristlet, not in my's too gorgeous to be hidden!! So far, two votes bordeaux, one vote black....anyone else..??

    Do any of you have this wristlet?:confused1:
  7. I like them both but I will have to vote black :yes:
  8. Like the black better
  9. I like the wristlet in black better but I LOVE the Miranda in bordeaux. What a nice friend!
  10. I just ordered this one in black. BTW according to the website Bordeaux will be available again soon.
  11. Thanks so much for your advice, ladies!! I'm not sure what to do yet! Yes, my friend is a wonderful person, not for this reason...:heart:

    Oh, and Tinks, thanks for the heads up on the bordeaux being available again soon! I didn't see that the last time I looked!!
  12. Maybe you could exchange your black for another Bordeaux when it's available again and give it to your friend for Christmas...wouldn't SHE be surprised!!

    I think either color would be fun...I would get which one you think you'd wear more often!
  13. Another black vote here.
  14. i vote for black, i think it's classier. that was so sweet of your friend though!
  15. In black.