Need advice, which color of Ali would you recommend?

  1. Hi, for all of you Coach lovers out there, I am one of you :yes:

    This is my first post after religiously visiting the site several times a day for almost 2 months.

    Now I need help/advice. I am the type of gal who buys the same style of clothing in multiple colors because I can't seem to make up my mind :shrugs:

    I already purchased a legacy leather wristlet in whisky and I currently have the Vintage Hamptons Carryall in Cognac (amongst a lot of other ones) and I have the Soho Lace large hobo in brown. That's about all the brown bags I have... I am having trouble deciding the color I want for Ali. Would you post your suggestions? Thank you:heart:
  2. everyone needs a nice black bag. if you dont already have one, go for black.
  3. I would have told you to go for Whiskey because that's the one I have and love, but with all the brown you have, I agree that basic black is always in style. Although I also really like the white bag, it's great looking. So I'd say either of those two.
  4. I currently have the khaki/ebony trim and I love it. I think it can be carried in any season, especially the spring/summer/fall and it looks good if you wear gold jewelry a lot (which I do). But I do plan to purchase it in black very soon...:yes:

    Honestly, I think any color of the Ali will serve you well.
  5. I just bought the black one today 12noon! Here are my pics!

  6. Ashley, I love that apple keyfob, when did those come out??
  7. Black Ali, Whiskey Ali, Pond shoulder bad, white hippie... gosh, I think I might wanna pick 2 out of the above after browsing the Coach official website :sweatdrop:
  8. I personally really like the Ali in's also a nice classic color that's sure to be a staple in your wardrobe as well! And it looks great with the brass hardware!
  9. I'm not sure when (I noticed them this past weekend) but they have it in the traditional red apple color and in a gold color.
  10. i love the whiskey, and it's a different shade than the normal brown. but black is just as nice!
  11. Black!!!
  12. Ashley:

    Your Ali is beautiful. I have an Ali in Whiskey but you are seriously making me
    consider getting one in black. The Ali Bag and the Shoulder bag are the two
    best 65th Anniversary collection bags in my opinion. Enjoy wearing your bag.


  13. Were they in a boutique, or at the outlet?
  14. I saw them on display at Dillards. I just check and I didn't see them on there so they probably are at the outlets.