need advice, which camo pg bella do you guys prefer?

  1. I own two camo playground bellas (by accident),and will sell one off. i always prefered one over the other, but now since i'm going to part with one of them, i am having second thoughts on if i had made the right choice in the beginning. which one do u guys like better?

    thanks for ur help.
    1702772043_89ce107014.jpg 1702772077_2d19d679f1.jpg 1702772083_ebcf276d76.jpg 1702772107_48851b0f91.jpg
  2. 1st one defintely. even distribution of characters and its got everything anyways.. that the 2nd has.. pretty much
  3. hmm okay this doesn't help at all but I like the front of the first one and the back of the second one. However, since everyone is going to see the front ... I guess that means I like # 1 more.
  4. I like #2 better.
  5. I will go for the 1st one.
  6. I like the second one better. More olive less black to me.
  7. like #1 better
  8. Too funny! Same here! :yes:
  9. i prefer the second.