Need advice - what to part with

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  1. So I just broke down and bought a Michele watch that I've been dying for.....and clearly cannot tell my bf.

    So do I part with my Botkier Bombay satchel or my Fendi baby spy?? The satchel is a really awesome and rare color but a little big and the fendi I have 2 different ones, but love them both.

  2. If the satchel is too big then let it seem to really like the Fendis. Do you use them?

    Congrats on the Michele watch!
  3. If the satchel is too big, then let that one go.

    A little off topic, but if you purchased the watch with your money then I can't see how it's any of your boyfriend's business.
  4. I try to keep all my bags in rotation-I've really tried to keep it to less than 10 bags total that I love. The satchel is large but I love it because it fits over my shoulder and I love all the detailing on it and the color. It's (in my world) one of those "one of a kind" bags you don't see anyone else with. The fendis I lovvvve and could have one in every color.

    Do I really need 2 fendis right now? Probably not.....but?? And the often will I really use it??

    So hard!
  5. And is my money, but we've lived together for 5 years and its kind of hard to not notice a diamond watch on my wrist lol. And I'm reallllllly not supposed to be shopping!!!
  6. I totally understand what your going through and know how it feels. If you love your fendis then I'd keep them and part with the Botiker. Its very tough, so ... good luck on whatever you choose to do!!
  7. Keep the bags you love!! If its Fendi than part with the Botiker... if you want a selection of different types/styles of bags then part with one of your Fendi bags (if they are the exact same styles but different colors, etc)

    Tough decision!! Whew! :biggrin:
  8. keep the fendi spy!!!
  9. ^^^
    Did the OP say they were Fendi Spy's?

    Are the Fendi's leather? I can imagine you would get the same money for a leather Botkier bag that you would for a leather Fendi bag....maybe I missing something?

    If you plan on selling on eBay, you should assess whether or not you feel comfortable selling a Fendi bag on there. Its safer to sell a Botkier bag rather than a Fendi bag on there.
  10. Since you have two spy bags, I'd get rid of one.
  11. Thanks for all the advice!! I think I'm going to be parting with the Botkier-wish me luck. I just think I love the fendi's a little bit more!
  12. Good luck, and enjoy your new watch!
  13. Keep your Fendi's.. they are so stylish..especially the spy bag