Need advice- what color shoes to wear?

  1. I have a cute dress I haven't worn because I can't figure out what color shoes and bag to wear with it. The dress is deep fuchsia eyelet with a navy underslip and ribbon belt. I have a little navy cropped cardi to wear on top.

    I just can't decide what color to pair with it for shoes and a bag. I feel like I ought to match the shoes to the bag as well, or there might be too much going on, even though I'm not a shoe-bag-matcher normally.

    I definitely don't want to do navy or fuchsia bag and shoes, so what other colors would go? Match or not match the shoes to the bag?

  2. I'd go for fuchsia shoes and navy bag or vice versa
  3. I'd go for a gold/silver/bronze shade for both shoes and purse depending on what jewelery you'll be wearing if it's an ocassion or just tan (natural) leather if it's everyday wear...
  4. ditto
  5. I vote for silver.
  6. I would suggest silver or a natural tan color, like almondish.
  7. I would go with a metallic shoe, in silver, pewter, metallic grey (I'm thinking of shoes I own, so sorry if my descriptions are hard to picture), or alternatively a nude shoe like CL nude (pinky nude patent), camel (or something that matches your skin tone), etc. Really though, it depends on whether you want to dress the outfit up or down. As for a bag, well, it depends on which shoe you choose, but I'd wear something in dark silver, light silver, beige (with silver h/w probably), maybe white, etc. :smile:
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions!

    I was kind of thinking beige/tan/nude but wasn't sure about a bag. I like the idea of gold- I do have a cute pair of gold sandals that might look nice. Maybe I could find a gold clutch to match.

    I'm trying to pull this together because I'm taking my mom to a Mother's Day tea at the historic house I volunteer at. I want it to be dressy but not toooo dressy, kwim?
  9. silver or gold sounds good!
  10. so, do you think I need to match the shoes and the bag?
  11. i would wear nude
  12. Personally I think navy would look the best with the navy accents on the dress. You could probably get away with a pewter bag.
  13. I would match them, doesn't have to be perfect match, but would definitely not go for different colour bag and shoes if that makes sense...
  14. ^^^ Yeah, I was thinking it would look weird with different color shoes and bag, even though I normally never match my shoes and bag... go figure:p

  15. Actually, I think this is the only way I could get away with not matching the shoes and bag. Navy shoes would go with the dress and cardi, and a neutral metallic would be the 3rd color.