Need advice - want to buy Kelly Pochette for a woman

  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm thinking about buying a Kelly pochette as a present for a woman, and I'd really appreciate your advice. She's 38, somewhat conservative, and usually dresses casually (jeans, etc.), although wealthy; goes to yacht club, etc. Lives in South Florida. I wanted to give her a regular Kelly, but when I saw her recently, she had a small black Chanel zippered clutch; soft leather, pretty casual I guess. I recently discovered the Kelly Pochette, and my local Neiman Marcus has one in black smooth leather. I figured this might be a much better choice for her, since she was using the small Chanel purse.

    I'm not sure what color to get, but I figured I should get the black one, since I know she likes black (because her Chanel was black). I hope it's not a problem to get her another small black purse; I figured the Kelly Pochette is significantly different from the plain, zippered Chanel pouch, and hopefully the Hermés is actually much nicer. Sound good? I'm also now realizing how difficult it is to find these bags - the Hermés boutiques won't ship them to me, so perhaps I'm lucky that my local Neimans has exactly what I want.

    Please let me know if you think this will be a good present - the Kelly Pochette in smooth black leather, with silver hardware. I'm just concerned about the fact that she already has the black Chanel clutch/purse, but I'm hoping that proves that she does indeed like a smaller purse, and she likes black. Also - I need to make sure it will be appropriate for casual wear; hopefully as an everyday purse, because she usually dresses casually. Thanks very much for your help.

  2. I think you won't go wrong w/ that choice. black box kelly pochette! :tup:
    you are right, it is so different from a chanel. so the same color won't be a problem.
    good luck!! she is a very lucky lady!
  3. I am saying :yes::yes::yes::yes::yes:!

    A black Kelly Pouchette as a present is just fabulous!
  4. I think the KP is a wonderful choice for a clutch. I almost got one in a smooth leather in evercalf in ebene color. It feels nice to the touch and soft to grab in your hand. It is a nice small bag to put one's basic necessities like wallet, cellphone, keys, sunglass. Plus it has a handle. If you want something a little bigger and taller, I suggest to sample the new Kelly Danse. It can be used as a shoulder bag, messenger pouch, and clutch minus the removable adjustable strap.
  5. I :heart: it!!!!!!!! It definitely can be worn everyday if she doesn't carry a lot.
  6. It sounds perfect. what a lovely gift. I say go for it. I wouldnt worry about having a chanel clutch and a H JPG kelly, I have several Chanel clutches and I still snagged a JPG kelly. Believe me, she will LOVE it. WONDERFUL IDEA
  7. Thanks very much for your advice and support. I think it sounds like a good choice too, and I certainly hope she likes it. I know this particular sub-forum might be biased, but do you think the Hermés is definitely somewhat nicer than her zippered Chanel clutch? Neimans told me that Hermés are the only purse makers who make everything by hand, and that it's really a step above all others. I hope she'll be excited with it; I know I've always thought Hermés was the best.

    I did look at the Kelly Danse - it looks very nice, but for some reason it seems kind of formal to me. I figure that since the woman I'm buying this for carried a very small Chanel clutch/pouch, which was soft leather and completely unstructured, I'd think the Kelly pochette would be the most comparable (smaller, cuter than the Kelly Danse). Right? Thanks again...

  8. You can't go wrong with a black Kelly Pochette. Go for it! It will definitely make a fab gift :tup:.
  9. Adam it's a great gift. Very nice. I use mine often and I dress casually most of the time. I find it useful day and night. I would not be too concerned about buying her a second black purse, particularly as NM are not offering you any other choices.

    You are correct about the bias here towards Hermes. But even outside of this forum Hermes are considered the finest leather goods in the world and you are also correct that everything is stiched by hand.

    Please do tell us how your gift is recieved :smile:
  10. Good idea, Adam. A black Kelly Pochette is lovely! Hope you find one soon!
  11. I think a black KP would be fantastic! Although I'd also suggest looking at her wardrobe colors... and maybe picking a KP in a brighter color? If it is meant for casual wear and everyday use, bright colors always do the trick!

    Good luck in your search! :p
  12. Oh I love it, what a thoughtful guy you are! Do take some pics if you do get it, the black KP is a great choice for usage and practicality.
  13. Thanks very much. NM does actually have the Kelly pochette in brown, smooth leather also, which is nice. I personally like tan, brown or black. But I don't know her warddrobe that well; just that she usually dresses very casually. She has a 3 year old boy and 8 year old girl, so you can imagine. I figured that since she has the Chanel in black, at least I know for sure she likes black. Sound like the right choice?

    And I did see the Kelly flat/longue and the danse, but personally, I think the pochette is the cutest and is closest to her Chanel clutch/pouch, so I suppose that's good. I'm definitely hoping this will be a wonderful present; hard to imagine any woman not being very excited about opening a gift and seeing that orange box!
  14. Well, you don't need to hope, it is DEFINITELY a WONDERFUL present. I get excited just by hearing someone buying a H gift, lol.

    P.S. You can't go wrong with black.
  15. One other thing -

    Would you say that, since I live in Michigan and there's no Hermés boutique nearby (except Chicago), I'm kind of lucky that my local NM has the Kelly pochette I want? The Chicago Hermés doesn't even have it, and all the other Hermés boutiques were pretty unfriendly and wouldn't do charge send. And the only other NM in the country that carries Hermés purses is DC. So... are these purses really that hard to get, and am I lucky to grab this one, with no wait, etc.? I wonder - how's the wait and scarcity of the pochette compared to the regular Kelly's and Birkin's? Thanks again.