Need advice w/Burberry Quilted Jacket

  1. I'm really loving this new color jacket but the color is quite unique. What do you guys think of this? Will I regret buying this because it's not a staple wardrobe color?
  2. Despite it being a traditional quilted style lookalike...this is a jacket where the fit and color are for a young person. I would avoid that jacket if ur 40+ If ur <40 I would go for it.
  3. ^I disagree. It's a very understated bronzy/gold color - very classic IMO.
    I'm a 33 yr old and I can imagione myself wearing that for the next 10 yrs easily.
    The style is slightly fitted, not young to me.
    I have a very similar one in raspberry, LOVE it. I also have a black Constance and I like this shorter more fitted one better for most occasions.
    JMO ;)
  4. i agree with swanky mama
  5. I really like it! :tup:
  6. I like it, the color is really neutral and I think it would go very nicely with a lot of things.
  7. I was going to agree with jesoon at first because of it's color, but after noticing that the cut was sleek w/o pockets or flashy buttons, I think it can be worn by a chic woman of any age
  8. that colour is gorgeous..
    don't be affraid...go for it..
  9. Swanky,

    How warm is this jacket? I live in a pretty warm climate w/mild winters so I think this would be perfect...We layer alot here so we don't rely on super warm coats since the temperatures usually go up during the day.
  10. I love just about anything Burberry. That's a cute jacket. I gave a similar one (if not the exact one...I can't tell from the picture) to my niece for Christmas. The color I gave her was a very pale pink. She loved it.

    Gold and bronze aren't good colors for me, personally, but if they suit your complexion, I think it's a great jacket to own!
  11. i know i can pull the bronze/gold off pretty well (olive skinned brunette) so I'm not worried about that, just was worried it would not be "timeless" but I sure do love this color so much!
  12. ^
    I definitely think the jacket is "timeless". That style or variations of it have been around forever and for a very good reason! They're perfect!
  13. Lol I guess I should have shut up...clearly I'm not in the majority :p
  14. ALL opinions are welcome! I love reading differing opinions!:tup:

    The jacket is light enough. . . I live in Dallas and it's perfect for me here.
    I have 2 of them and would actually like one in this color and maybe a navy one too.
    The weight is PERFECT for climates that don't get too cold and this cut is flattering, not frumpy which is nice! :biggrin:
  15. I love it!!! Great color!