Need Advice Vintage Kellys--do you own one? would you buy one? or wait for a new one?

  1. I'm doomed. my H obsession grows with each day. Am now convinced I need a black box kelly as my next bag. My sister has been waiting for over a year "on the list" at our local store, so I know getting a new one won't be easy. I see a few up for sale on the Internet, which is tempting.

    If you bought vintage, why? because you liked the concept/patina? or would you have preferred new, but didn't want to wait? have you been pleased with the quality? how can you tell if you're getting a "good deal"?
  2. I, as a general rule, prefer new bags directly from the H store. I did however buy a vintage blue marine box Kelly and LOVE it. The Kelly came to me in perfect condition with a patina TDF. It's totally fabulous.
  3. AH, my first H bag was a vintage black box Kelly. It was all I could afford at the time. It was a good first step for me. Turns out that it's not as great a piece as some others I've seen, the condition could be better, and I don't use it all that often, but I am still glad I have it. I do like the concept. I didn't know if I was getting a "good deal" at the time as I was a novice.
  4. Fose, may I ask where you found your beautiful vintage bag? I'm too worried to buy on eBay, though there's a black box one starting at $1.500, which seems like a good deal...unless it's beaten up. or fake.
  5. Thank you Rose.

    They have a very pretty one there now...wonder if I should take the plunge...
  6. I have a couple of vintage pieces as well. They are both Box leather and the patina is fabulous. New versus old is really a personal quirk. I LOVE to buy new things directly from the boutique, but sometimes a vintage piece speaks to you. Just make sure you get photos of every square inch of the piece and ask about dryness/cracking as that can't be fixed by the SPA treatment.
  7. Oh, I want a vintage! I adore older bags with a history behind them! I'm saving my pennies and hoping to score a vintage Kelly someday!
  8. Call Pete and ask him any questions you may have and if you need more pics, he is always happy to oblige.
  9. I LOVE Vintage Box Kellys. Love the patina and the box leather used by H back then seems to be thicker too. I also like the fact that they used brass for the plates instead of gold-plated-on-whatever-metal they use now.

    Since you like near NYC, I would buy it from Frisch From the Hip in Chelsea. This way you can see and inspect it in person. I recommended a friend of mine to do the same and she eventually bought one from them. When she took it to Claude and H, they dated the kelly to 1962 and they told her that it was one of the best preserved vintage kellys they have ever seen!
  10. I would love (and hope to eventually graduate to) a new bag, but will probably start with a vintage one. If it's in good condition, I think it's a great way to start out! :smile:
  11. I would buy a vintage bag if it were in excellent condition. I just would not want to spend money on an old well-worn bag. It just doesn't appeal to me at all. But one that has been lovingly cared for is a different story....
  12. I love vintage kellys! If you manage to find one in great condition, it's a wonderful perfect piece of history. I love my vintage 28cm black box kelly to bits.
  13. I LOVE Vintage Kelly bags! I actually have a bit of a fetish for them, and at one point I had 6 of them. :shame: I finally admitted that maybe a little less is more, LOL, so now I'm down to two--a 32cm Black Box from the 1950s, and a 28cm Rouge H Box which I believe is from the 1960s. Both have the most gorgeous patina and just make me very happy. They're inherited pieces and they mean the world to me, so I will never sell them, even though honestly I rarely carry either one these days as a Birkin or en Evelyne is more practical for my everyday life.

    I think buying a vintage Kelly is an AMAZING way to dip a toe into the H brand without spending a ton of money, and it's also a great way to refine and learn your preferences for sizes, hardware colors, and of course leather color (even though colors are limited in truly vintage bags).

    Seton has a great suggestion about Fisch for the Hip. Their prices can be high, but they know their stuff darn well, their inventory turns over very quickly, and they even had a Porc Kelly there a few months ago! If you budget about $3K you should be able to get a lovely and well preserved example. They very rarely include shoulder straps, and almost all vintage bags (in the technical sense of the word) have only one loop where the handle meets the bag--the double loop is fairly new in the overall scheme of things. You can order a shoulder strap for an older bag, but it takes a long time and costs around $300-$400 if I recall correctly. I am not sure if a new strap will come with the new type of clasps, or the older type which are like the ones on the Trim bag. I would assume it would come with the new type.

    My one piece of personal advice about LZ and any other online source is that you should be sure to ask very detailed questions about cracking, crazing, dryness, etc. Sometimes a bag will look great in photos but show up with a lot of dryness, especially on the side gussets and top flap. The other area that often shows dryness is the closing flaps.
    Good luck with your decision and your quest!
  14. LOVE vintage Kelly's!!!! I have three and all from Pete at LZ who's eye, taste level and judgement I trust completely. I have never been disappointed and love them to bits!!!!

    Here's one......