Need advice:using leather handbag in the rain?

  1. It's been raining here a lot and I'm afraid to use my Coach leather bag in the rain without putting a water repellent on it. What is everyone's experience about using their leather bag in the rain? Has anyone tried the apple rain and stain repellent?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.

  2. What kind of leather is it? If it is the pebble no need to worry. They get the pebble effect by putting leather in water. Sorry I don't know about the others.
  3. It's the bleecker leather (maybe vintage leather).
  4. I've got two bleecker leather purses now a big one and a smallish one, so far I just sprayed Wilson's leather protector on them. This works good I've heard and is easy to find in the mall. I think it was 8 or 10 dollars for the can.
  5. I was just thinking about this with my new leather Ergo. it was raining (well, more like barely sprinkling) today, and i was covering her with my jacket!
  6. Uhhhhhmmmm... If I am you I don't will take it out in the rain!!! ;)
  7. I've heard some really good things about apple, you can do a search for threads... I've never used anything yet, because I'm really careful, but if you do use something, just remember to test it out in a discreet spot on your bag first...
  8. my solution to this is I bought a patent leather ergo hobo. It's water resistant and still looks fab. That's my rainy day bag.
  9. If I know it will rain then I will bring one of my sig bags or something else. I know it is easy to get caught in the rain but I don't know, the vintage leather is more delicate but other people have reported that their bags spotted but didn't stay spotted. I guess it probably depends on the bag color.
  10. Just like Mrs. MC, if I know it is going to rain I use one of my signature bags, usually my Ergo hobo because that leather is burnished and doesn't spot. I always carry ( don't laugh) a plastic bag, like from a store, in my pocket or in my bag if I am carrying a leather one and I put my bag in this if it starts to rain as I come out of a building. One evening my husband and I were leaving a Target store and it had started to rain. I had my Ali with me. My husband and I stopped outside under the overhang of the store, I pulled out my plastic bag, he helped me put Ali into it, and away we went with Ali safe and sound ( and dry!) Believe it or not, my husband thought it was a great idea ( he loves my Ali). :supacool:
  11. The only ones I won't take out in the rain/snow are my suedes. I regularly take out leathers and sigs in bad weather and havent had any problems so far.
  12. I emailed Coach today about my leather Bleecker...they said I could use a leather conditioner/moisturizer on it but not to use a rain/stain spray. Could be them just doing the CYA bit, or it could be a bad idea, who knows. I just know that my bags do get wet at times--either rain, baby drool, wet kid hands etc and want to protect it the best I can
  13. Uh oh, I already used rain/stain spray on my bleeckers. Guess I won't do that again but they still look the same. I'm going to condition them with Apple today. My apple conditioner says to use it on your new leathers for preventative measures and greenpixie told me she used it on her bleecker and it's great stuff.
  14. My Mandy spotted from the rain but it is vintage leather.

    I don't carry it in the rain (mine got wet when I opened the trunk for a second).

    You could carry a plastic bag in your handbag so if you get caught in the rain you can protect your bag.
  15. My ali just got rained on today and it's fine. It was spotty when it was wet but when it dried it was fine. I've never had a problem with a leather bag getting wet. And trust me, it happens a lot!