Need Advice today!!!!!

  1. I opened a Bloomies account yesterday and would like to purchase a bag today. I've purchased 2 classics already, so I thought about getting something really kicky or something that I can do everyday.:smile: Does anyone have a suggestion for something special under $2000? That's all my dh will allow me to spend after my, um, little Blahnik spree in NYC.

    Ladies, I trust your opinions. Please help.:heart:
  2. The baby cabas?
  3. Aurora, do you like that better than the Ultimate Soft? Thanks!
  4. i have both the ultimate soft and baby cabas. i think baby cabas is more suitable for everyday use because of the distressed leather and it is very roomy inside, it costs $1995 (before tax).

    hope that helps! xo
  5. I prefer the baby cabas over the ultimate soft. Good luck! Let us know what you end up getting.
  6. The baby cabas and GST are great everyday bags under $2000. The gold Les Marais flap is something different, yet gorgeous and still under $2000. Or, how about a Timeless clutch?
  7. Hmm... I love the Baby Cabas... I have it in Khaki and it's chic, roomy, fits a ton, and technically falls under 2K before taxes haha. :p The GST is a popular choice (not quite my style, I found it too boxy, but very nice!), the Medallion tote is great, or if you like the Les Marais bags like jeannebar suggested, they're fun and under 2K as well (so sad how we have to stretch our minds to find a piece under that level now)! :rolleyes: Hmm, you can also get a timeless clutch if you need a going out bag... I have one in black caviar and it's fab, and if I didn't have a black patent flap, I would've considered the black patent clutch... ohhh, or a red caviar one would be nice too! :nuts: Ahh, and I think Bloomie's has those adorable ressue card holders I want, so I'd get one of those too haha. :p Happy shopping! :heart:
  8. It's so funny that you mentioned that. I looked at one of those card holders as well, and I thought it was darling. Really good for a smaller bag.:yes: I'm not a tote person either, so I was considering the east/west. "ONLY" $1000 no tax with the 10%.