need advice to buy or not to buy.

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  1. hi guys!
    I have a dilemma. lately I've been thinking of buying trevi gm. when it first came out I was not crazy about it but now since I know there is a price increase coming on 17th I feel the need to buy one and it really grew on me. I am also on a list for watercolor 35cm speedy so I am not sure if I want to spend all that money now on the bag I may not be sure about.
    I don't know what to do. should I buy trevi gm? I am worried that the style may be too trendy like the it bags or do you think it's a classic for years to come. the reason I am asking is because I wasted so much money on it bags in the past and then could not sell them even for half the money .I don't want to do that anymore. I want to stick to the classics that will hold it's value and always be in style.
    what do you guys think?:confused1:
  2. I love the Trevi. I don't think it's too trendy at all... I think it's classic for many years to come. Honestly, I really think it's gorgeous and worth it but see what everyone else thinks too. Good luck with your decision.
  3. i second that
  4. Trevi is a classic but you must love it enough to put your money down on it. I have been thinking of trevi but just never bought it...I don't know why - !!!
  5. ^^ me too, i have wanted a trevi for so long now! you should deffinately get it!
  6. I have the PM and I think its a super lovely bag along with having a classic shape.

    Do get it, you would not regret this purchase. :yes:
  7. thank you guys for your advice. i just went on eluxury and placed my order.
    it's lv after all i don't think it will be going out of style anytime soon.
    i just wish those price increases would not come so soon. i hate feeling pressured to buy something because of it.
  8. Congrats, can't wait to see pics of it when it comes in!
  9. Congratulations on your new Trevi! I'm sure you will love it! It's such a gorgeous twist to the other Damier Ebenes out there.
    Don't worry, you made a smart choice to buy it now before the price increase this week (not to mention before other future increases)! Just think of how much more you'd have to pay if you were to make the purchase later...
  10. I really hope you fall in love with the bag when you receive it - mine has been in non stop use (by my mom who nabbed it !!!) since I got it ! :love:
  11. Great choice, I think you'll love it for years to come ... post pics when you get it! Congrats!
  12. thank you guys again. as soon as i get it i will post pictures.
  13. Love it
  14. congrats !
  15. i got my trevi gm. it is gorgeous. i am so glad i listened to you guys and bought this beautiful bag.
    thanks again for all your advise.