Need advice! Thoughts on this bag?

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  1. #1 Mar 19, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2016
    Hey everyone,

    I'm shopping for a new school/work bag, and I've been looking at the Dior Bar bag (the one with the zipper-top). However, I was recently at the Dior boutique and saw this Open Bar style... the color is so lovely in person! But it doesn't have the zipper top, and I am concerned about the light color for an everyday work bag.

    What does everyone think? Does anyone own this bag? What about Dior bags in general – what is their customer service like if I need my bag cleaned or repaired, etc.?
  2. This is a great looking bag & the color is also year round..

    If want this as a workhorse bag (?) , I'd check to see how Dior will service this bag
    for you as it may not be the best choice for the kind of wear & tear you might expect
  3. I think that the Open Bar is a great work bag. The leather is grained calfskin which is durable, and its thinness will keep the bag very light-weight. The bag can carry a lot, especially if expanded.

    There is a flap pocket inside with a lock to keep your wallet and keys so you won't have to worry about the open-top.

    Dior customer service is very good when it comes to repairs. You can just bring the bag back to the boutique if you need it serviced, and they will send it in for an assessment. You may have to pay a fee depending on the nature of the repair, but it's not very expensive. My repairs have costed anywhere from $21 to $75 CDN depending on what replacement part was needed.

    Check out this thread for photos of the Open Bar:
  4. Thank you both for your replies! Really helpful.

    Another question though, does anyone know how this bag compares to the original Bar bag (the one with the zipper top)? Is the Bar bag heavier than the Open Bar, and by about how much? They didn't have any Bar bags in stock at the boutique I went to, so I wasn't able to make the comparison myself.
  5. The original Dior Bar is a LOT heavier than the Open Bar. There is almost twice the amount of leather in the Dior Bar (there is a full leather lining, unlike on the Open-Bar), and the leather itself is also a lot thicker. The price point of the original Dior Bar is also a lot higher than the Open Bar.
  6. Oh no! I do like the original Bar style more, but the Open Bar is about as heavy is I'd want my bag to be without anything in it.. I can't imagine heaving a heavier bag to start plus adding an iPad, papers, etc. inside, that would just be too heavy for me. Thank for the great info! Really appreciate it!
  7. I like it. Although I would personally go with another color. But if that's your style, it will look great on you.
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