Need advice - the little problem with Kelly's handle

  1. Dear All,

    Please tell me what you think about this little dilemma...
    I just bought a 32 Souple Kelly in Blue Jean Togo. The day when I got it was very hectic - I was traveling, stopped by H boutique on my way to airport (with car actually waiting around the corner). I was actually looking for the BJ H belt, and SA offered Kelly to match! Could not resist, so bought it on the spot.
    When I got home by the end of this very long day, I opened the box and finally took a good look at the bag. I found the bag to be perfectly beautiful, but saw right away that the handle is not exectly round. It's nicely round on one side and kind of little flat on another, if you know what I the line of the shape does not make a half of perfect oval...
    I don't know what to do - I am very particular about the details - specially when the bag comes with a $6,300 (with tax) price tag... I think that one of the main reasons - beside being to timeless and classis -what got me addicted to Hermes is its unsurpassed quality.
    I would like to know if any of you girls who one the Kelly had the same "problem". Could it be because of it's position in a box? Will it round itself with time and wear? I love the bag and really does not want to deal with hassle to return it or ask for the handle to be changed (it's probably will take a long time and is not worth to be done on the brand new bag).
    Please tell me what you think!!!

    Thank you in advance,

  2. Hi Elena,
    I have been told that this has to do with the craftsman and that some are not as experienced as others. The Kelly handle is tricky. Also, it should feel nicely, roundly padded on the underside where you grasp it, not flat.
    I would tell your SA of your concern. You certainly do not want to think of this everytime you look at the bag.
  3. Hi Elena, i once read an online article by NY Times that after a Hermes craftsman has finished making a Kelly, it is inspected by a senior craftsman(foreman) for quality checks / mistakes before the Kelly is released for sale. I would think that if the handle of a Kelly is not perfect, the bag would not have passed the foreman's checks & leave the workshop...

    Would you be able to post a photo of your Kelly's handle?
  4. I second golconda. The handle is indeed the most difficult.

    Extracted from the online article by NY Times...:flowers:
  5. Thank you for the prompt replays girls.
    Unfortunately, I am without the photo camera right now, otherwise I would post how it looks like.
    You see, the handle itself is evenly padded and round. It looks and feels perfect except that it's shape is not simmetrically round on both sides...
    Perhaps I can't explain it right...
    It's very minor though. I hope that it could be from it's position in the box - maybe it was squished on one side...
    I just want for this little imperfection to disappear!
  6. Elena

    You haven't a thing to worry for!
    Due to the structured nature of Kelly Bags,
    And the material utilized - Leather has a certain "memory".

    If you can, hang the bag from the handles - off of something
    smooth and gentle, this will pull the handles back into their INTENDED

    Salud... Flor
  7. No problem at all, Elena! I understand...for US$6K+ I would want my Kelly to be perfect too! If the handle is just very slightly out of shape due to storage, I think with continuous use it will be okay. The weight of your stuff in the Kelly will help to "right" the shape...hope I'm making sense..:flowers:
  8. Thank you all very much!

    I will put some stuff in and hang it by the handle.
    Hopefully the flatness will disappear.

  9. Elena, let us know after a couple of days of treatment! Sorry for the little scare but I'm sure all will be fine.
    (And you picked a winner of a Kelly!!!)
  10. Thank you GreenTea!
  11. Hi Elena!

    Welcome to TPF! Hope to see you around more often.

    Your issue with your handle does not come new to me. Once I purchased a Paris Bombay and when I got home and I opened it I noticed that the right side corner leather was creased (in) and made the bag look abnormal, this also happened because of the positioning of the bag in the box. I called my SA as soon as I noticed it and she advised me to let the bag breath and in a couple of days the shape should return. I waited a couple of days and noticed no change in the bag. So I again called the store and she told me to bring the bag in so they could look at it.

    When I got there my SA gave the bag to the craftsman that was on duty that day (Claude) and he started to play with it, rolling it and massaging it. It looked weird. Well 5 minutes later the bag returned to it's normal shape. It was a blessing because they didn't have another in stock!

    If I were you I would call your SA as soon as possible and explain in details what's wrong and see if you can bring it in to your local H store and see if a craftsman can take a look at it. Remember you only have 10 days to return the bag so you don't want to risk that if this problem with your bag does not get fixed your stuck with a $6k irregular bag.

    Good luck :flowers:
  12. Thank you Baggaholic for your replay and welcome. BWT, love NYC!
    A lot of fondest memories...
    I just recently discovered TPF and enjoy it a lot, finding a lot of helful information. A lot of people with great knowledge, and very kind.
    I have heard a lot of good things about Claude. My friend in NY suggested I will give him a call when I had a question about the particular leather.
    I phoned him and he was very nice, really took his time answering my questions and giving advice... Real gentleman.
    I've decided to let the bag breath for a day or so (handing), and then will call the SA.
    Many thanks to all,

  13. Okay, just remember you only have 10 days from date of purchase to return the bag.
  14. That's excellent to know, Bagg....I can't wait to see Claude in action if he's there when I visit! I LOVE to hear your tales from Madison!!

    Elena - Your bag sounds so lovely! I hope the handle works out!