Need advice: Suede lining in preowned Venetia

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  1. Hi MJ ladies,

    I usually shy away from suede bags because they're really hard to clean, and I definitely will not buy a preowned suede bag. However, I have an opportunity to purchase a preowned Venetia with red suede lining. I am having cold feet because of the suede lining - i don't know what has been in there or how much wear it has had. I've only seen one picture and while there are no major stains, I won't be able to tell until i see it IRL.

    What do you think I should do? :confused1:

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Maybe I'm a weirdo but a stained lining (pen marks and such) doesn't bother me so much, especially with light lining since it's so hard to keep pristine. I really love suede lining and if it's red, it should be no problem. With most MJ bags, you can pull the lining out a bit to brush it or clean it and shake it off. Others have recommended a suede brush to help with that too.
  3. Dawn - not weird at all, I don't mind either, I think it's impossible to keep the lighter linings spot free. If I put a used bag I usually pull out the lining and hoover it.
  4. Hi dawn and Beany, thanks for your replies.

    I don't mind it from a cosmetic point of view or if I'm the first owner. i guess i'm looking at more of a hygiene point of view - what if there's been more than just pen marks inside? At least with fabric lining, i can pull it out and wash with soap and water. Is there any way to clean suede like that?