Need Advice! St. Louis GM or PM?

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  1. Hi all!

    I need some advice. Long story short, I've always wanted a St. Louis tote in Black but because I don't live near a Goyard store. So when I travelled to Hong Kong beginning this year, I thought i'd finally get my hands on a St. Louis tote however, they only had the GM and was sold out of the PM. My heart was set on the GM but because i've never seen the totes in person, when I saw the GM, it looked HUGE on me (i'm 5'4)...almost reminded me on a Ikea shopping tote size... The PM (I tried it on in a different colour) looks almost "too small" for me as it would look really awkward if I were to put the tote on my shoulders as the strap is shorter.

    I basically left the store with nothing and ever since then i've been contemplating whether I should get a PM or GM next time the opportunity comes around and low and behold, I will be travelling again to a nearby Goyard store soon so I want to be set on which size to get. What is weird is that when I see people carrying the tote, the size looks so perfect but I never ask which size they're carrying and if I get a chance to do so, they say it's the GM. I've never really seen anyone carrying a huge st. Louis tote but the one I saw in Hong Kong was a GM and it was enormous!!

    So my question to you all is, if you have the tote, which size do you prefer and why? And also do the bags get more "slouchy" as you wear it aka the illusion of the tote size looking smaller?

    I'm just so stumped right now that any advice would be much appreciated!!!!
  2. Hi all, I really want this size but it looks smaller than the GM but bigger than the PM??

    IMG_4778.JPG IMG_6512.JPG IMG_7120.JPG
  3. These appear to be all GM's in the pics. I have both GM and PM and I am 5'8 with shoulders like an NFL quarterback - I would say go for the PM esp since you tried on the GM and it felt huge for you. I wear the PM no problem as well.
  4. I also have both. I have actually taken my GM on vacation as my carry on tote and yes, it is quite large. I only brought that bag and a WOC to use while on vacation and surprisingly have been using the GM as a daily bag but with the sides cinched in. I understand what you mean by how the PM looks when on your shoulder as I actually wear it on the crook of my arm and I think it looks and feels better to me. I am 5'4 as well and have only thought the GM looked huge when it was used on the airplane stuffed full. HTH.
  5. I have both sizes as well....and only use my gm for travel. I’m using my grey pm right now, the only thing that bothers me about the pm, is that it’s hard to wear on your shoulders because of the length of the straps. I wish goyard would have made the straps just 2 inches game changer. But I still love it and want a white pm next!!
  6. Thank you all! For some reason in the pictures I attached it doesn't look too big! Do you guys use your GM on a daily as a purse or just strictly for travel??
  7. I use my GM for travel but that's because I have the artois and prefer a tote with a zipper for daily use. Before I purchased the artois I did use the GM for daily use. I prefer it to the pm because the straps are longer and my things weren't as close to the top of the bag- if that makes any sense.
  8. I have both PM and GM, I use PM daily base. I am 5’5 and have no problem to carry PM on my shoulder during summer, spring and fall.
  9. I have both sizes too and prefer the PM for daily use. I’m also 5’4 (but not skinny) and PM looks fine on me in my opinion, just the perfect size which I want. The GM is big and so the corners may wear off more easily than the PM as it "protrudes" more if that makes sense:smile:
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    I have the pm in the Artois and the St. Louis. I prefer smaller totes. I’m 5’2 . Not sure if that helps at all but I’ve always thought the GM was huge. With that said, in the photos you attached, I also think it’s looks huge and you prefer that look so maybe the GM is for you?
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