Need advice spring/summer bag?

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  1. I don't want to buy a bag that is just spring/summer. I live in Wisconsin and at the rate we are going I might get to use it in July and that is it.

    So I am thinking of getting a chocolate brown bag and dressing it up for summer. With Keyfobs. I have these already....




    I also have these to use:


    So what are your thoughts. I might not even need the Chocolate Bag.

    I will be putting away my black leather and my Hampton Satchel in Choc. is being stored now.
  2. I think the denim with the white trim will be perfect for spring and summer, or the khaki sig wristlet has a nice pop of color - and I just love that beachy keyfob! It is adorable!

    I'd say don't spend extra money on a strictly summer bag you won't use - the denim is perfectly cute for summer, and if you need a larger bag the Hamptons with a bright scarf would look great too. :yes:

    I live in CA and I still balk at the idea of spending lots of money on a straw tote or something that I will only wear a limited part of the year. Buy something you will get a lot of use out of and get to enjoy! Esp. since you said you don't want to buy a strictly summer bag - no one says you have to.
  3. I love the flower!
  4. I spent some time this morning with the swingpack and it is just not me. I have to big of hips to feel comfortable with it. So I am returning it, along with a skinny mini I bought. I have 2 and don't need more. Putting that money in my Coach fund.

    I won't be buying a strickly spring/summer bag as I know I won't carry it much. I will use my wristlet most of the time.
  5. [​IMG]

    If I bought a bag it would be a smaller one like this. I don't think I carry much in the summer.
  6. That is sweet!
  7. I so agree - I have bought several Coach bags and a couple of Kate Spades in the straw/wicker material and I either use them once or don't use them at all and end up selling them for a fraction of what I paid for them. I'm not buying another one that's for sure. Fabric bags are ok - I actually use those.
  8. how about a scribble bag? they match tons of things because they have various colors. Right now they have the scribble 2007 in the outlets!