Need advice- Speedy 35 or some vernis slgs???


Jul 16, 2009
Sunny Florida
I've been reading a lot of threads and posts lately regarding the size of the Speedy 30 and I've posted myself also- about how the 30 doesn't seem that big anymore.

I started off with the Speedy 25 in Mono and then Azur but grew out of that size pretty quickly! I ended up getting the 30 in Mono, Azur and Ebene. However, after getting my Galliera's I've been finding my Speedys a little small. I can still fit all my things but the bag just seems kind of small. I don't know how to explain it. I feel like they shrunk!

And lately I've been wanting to add some vernis to my collection - maybe a cles or a small wallet for my Eva. I got a small bonus added onto my paycheck so now would be the time for a "big" purchase - that's why I was thinking a bag ---but I know I'd still want the vernis piece at least sometime early next year.
Either way, I'd still love all your you think it's crazy to get another Speedy when I have three?


Sep 4, 2010
I would try to sell one or two of them on ebay, and then purchase another bigger one.- it does seem crazy to have all three and then to buy a 35.......... whatever one you want to get the 35 in, id try to sell it!! put the cash towards the purchase of this new one, or the vernis so you can have the best of both worlds!!


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Aug 31, 2010
Bangkok, Thailand
I would get myself the Vernis SLGs if I am you. Just keep carrying your speedies to make yourself get use to the size. I think if you change it to 35, you going to think it's too small again once you used it after a while. 30 is the best size!


Dec 25, 2009
Windy City
Sell one of your speedies and get the one in 35. I personally would not want to have that many speedies. Also, you'll have some money to put towards your vernis slg purchase.


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Oct 1, 2008
In bag fantasy
Yeah, if you're not gonna use the smaller speedies anymore, I think you should sell them and put the money into getting BOTH the bigger speedy AND the vernis SLG! :yes:


Jul 16, 2009
Sunny Florida
I've been soo bad-- stalking the LV website for the zippy coin purse in pomme--last week it said purchase now but I delayed and then when I went back on, it was out of stock again!! I still like the idea of a Speedy 35 but I said to myself if I luck out and get purchase now for zcp, I'd buy it right away and hold off on the Speedy.

So.....I just went on the website and I almost fell off my chair when I saw those two words: Purchase Now!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so busy clicking, and registering for an account and then paying I burnt the bottom of my tomato sauce for dinner!!:P
While I was re-chopping garlic, I heard the magic sound of my incoming confirmation email:yahoo:

I don't know when I'll receive it, but it will be my second vernis item (I actually bought a pre-loved vernis cles too:graucho:) so I think I'm set. And tomorrow my Eva is arriving!!!

If anyone is looking for LV items--now is a good time to check because I even called customer service a few hours ago and they said the zcp was sold out nationwide in pomme. They must've restocked some things again...


Dec 15, 2009
I too love Speedys! My next purchase will definately be a Mono 35! I would always chose a bag over an accessory..if I have the money of course!!:P