Need Advice ~ Soho Large Leather Hobo 10576

  1. Hi Ladies,
    I am thinking of getting the large Soho Hobo in Black leather ~ Does anyone have this bag...Pros/Cons? Pics of how much it holds or on the shoulder....

    I will greatly appreciate any advice or comments.:yes:
  2. will i have the small hobo and it holds alot...i keep a camera,wallet,ipod,and more random stuff and i have a little bit more room for other stuff... the strap doesnt stay put a lot of the time it could be because i have a smaller frame...but other than it stays on the shoulder most of the time
  3. I was also concerned about it staying on my shoulder, I am btw, 5'5" 135.
  4. yea i am 5'5 too...i have seen the large in person in for someone our height it would look huge
  5. I have this bag in camel and I love it. Holds alot and stays on my shoulder. I don't have any pics, but I'm 5'2", 117 lbs. and I don't think it looks too big on me.
  6. to give you an example, I have a large soho hobo not the crescent one but the one that goes straight accross. Well, I was able to put : My sig wristlet, red patent change purse,2 infant diapers,2 toddler diapers, swim trunks and a shirt for my sun, sunblock, a Poland Springs water bottle, pacifier, bag of baby wipes, and a small book with room to spare. I ended up taking my Vera Bradley tote instead, as the thought of my hobo baking in the sun at a 5 yo birthday party made me uncomfortable, but I was still able to fit all of those things. I think that it is slouchy enough that you don't have to worry about it looking too big, even when you fill it with all of the stuff I just mentioned it didn't look awkwardly stuffed. I really love my hobo ! Oh I should also mention that it stands up on surfaces even when it is only partially filled !
  7. I have that bag, but in the pear color. I LOVE it!!!! I can't say enough about this bag!!!! Because of the crisscross on the strap it stays so awesome on your shoulder. It is NOT huge at all!!!! I am only 5'2 and usually only carry small hobos and its erfect. Holds lots too. Really all I can say is I love it!!!
  8. i have this one!and yes it holds a lot!!
    im only 5'2 and i don't think
    it looks too big on me heheheh

    will try posting the picture of me modelling it
    later k!
  9. ok let me try this....


    i hope this comes out...
  10. Wow! that looks great on you, thanks for sharing the pic:smile:
  11. I saw the smaller hobo in pear at the boutique and the color is quite lovely:heart: in person!! :yes:
    I love that crisscross strap too, I'm a sucker for any hardware and leather work they can add. I'm glad to hear that helps it to stay in place on the shoulder. Thanks for your great info!:tup:
  12. Hi Glitter Girl, thanks for listing everything it holds, now I get an idea that all my stuff :lol:(junk) will fit!!
  13. I have the soho large hobo, also...not the crescent one, but the one with the long tassel on the zipper. I think it's perfect. The broad strap is really comfortable, and stays on my shoulder just fine. It holds an absolute ton of stuff...I was AMAZED. I usually have my planner (which is non-Coach and kind of bulky), a large paperback, my keys, a makeup bag, my iPod, etc. in it, and it still drapes the way a hobo should.

    I'm 5'1" and of average build (not fat, not skinny), and I don't think it overpowers my frame at all.

    Definitely get one! I can't think of a better everyday black bag!
  14. Yes the more I consider it, it seems perfect for me, I'm average build also and trying to stay in shape, BTW, congrats on loosing the 5lbs!! :tup:
    I see the Frog Fob is on your wish list, they are now available to order... mine should be here by Wed.:yahoo: