need advice! silver classic vs. striped 2.55?!

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  1. Hi, I just bought a light silver classic purse and am wondering if I should get the silver reissue with stripes instead... HELLLPPP! I need second opinions! :confused1:
  2. This is my $0.02. :P
    The light silver is a "blingy" bag and quite beautiful IMO. It's mainly an evenings out bag (at least for me) and is definitely an attention getter. :jammin:
    I love the stripes just a bit more, b/c I think they add texture and depth to the bag. :tup:
    If I were you, I would get the stripes, but they are both beautiful bags. HTH :heart:
  3. I love the Silver Classic bag. I think it'll go well with any outfit.

    Have you got some pictures of the bag to share?
  4. yes pinkbweakfast, i just posted pics under a new thread 'come see my latest purchase'... enjoy!
  5. I love the silver a lot more than the striped reissue
  6. I like the striped one more. I think it adds a little bit of edge and freshness to a classic.
  7. love the striped one.. quite different and I agree it add more textures, not too plain.
  8. Although both are equally beautiful... striped!!! I have the striped dark silver so I'm a little biased ;)
  9. I prefer the striped silver too
  10. I just saw it. And its so pretty!!!:yahoo:Definitely a keeper!
  11. Totally agree ..
  12. #12 Aug 26, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2008
    I vote for striped silver.. I have seen one IRL and it's gorgeous!!! :drool: I'm a bit biased as I already own a striped reissue... :graucho:
  13. I vote for the silver classic. I don't care for the striped bags...
  14. I don't care for striped bags either, so I vote for the silver classic. I think silver by itself is perfect, but stripes would be overload! Just my opinion.
  15. Well, it depends on if you have another metallic purse. Then I say you should get the striped 2.55. Both are beautiful bags.