Need advice: Should I get the Embossed Stephen??

  1. Help! I have an opportunity to buy the embossed stephen in the gray color. I've been thinking about this bag since last October, but I've bought so much already the past few months that I can't justify the $3700+ price tag!! Ugh... I'm still on the waiting list for the Dentelle Speedy too. What do you think PF'ers? Anyone seen the color/bag IRL? I'm only going by pics here and I love it on Angie Harmon. Any advice is appreciated!

  2. i personally dislike dentelle, and believe it looks like an old woman IMO.
    i love the embossed stephen, because it is unique, and just gorgeous with the acrylic chain!
  3. I have seen the bag in the exact color IRL. It lokos AMAZING and suggest that you get it! :biggrin:
  4. If you still dreaming about this bag and have the money. Get it.
    I wish I could buy the Polly in the same combination! Good luck on your decision!
  5. This is really agonizing! It's just so expensive... Not the most I've ever paid for a bag (the birkins take the cake), but this would be my most expensive LV. If I get it, I'm definitely going to decline the Dentelle, but the Dentelle is only 1/3 of the cost...
  6. It's amazing, but if you don't think you can afford it at the moment, don't get it. It seems that you're a little iffy because of the price and that's not really a good sign.
    It's a gorgeous bag IRL but you said yourself "I've bought so much already the past few months that I can't justify the $3700+ price tag!!" so right there it seems like you're having doubts. Don't get it if you have doubts!
  7. It was at my local boutique a few weeks ago and it was FABULOUS!!!! GET IT! :biggrin:
  8. I say GET IT! It's such a beautiful bag!
  9. I love this bag. I really don't think there needs to be a doubt in your mind what do to next.....GET BOTH! :lol:
  10. :yes:yesss get it!!!! i've got it in ivory! i love it soooo sooo much!!!:love:
    you wont regret it. :shame:
  11. If you can, you totally should!
  12. I love it!! I TOTALLY think you should get it!
  13. between Dentelle Speedy and Embossed Stephen, I'd take Stephen at any time!!! Both are LE, but not a fan of Dentelle, i personally think Epi is great in Speedy, but there's no substitute for Stephen....the Ivoire is TDF also:love:
  14. I absolutely LOVE this bag. if you can afford I say go for it!!! it is a great bag that looks even better IRL and I think is more versatile than the dentelle speedy. I think it would be easier to find outfits to where with this bag than the dentelle
  15. I'd get the embossed ober the dentelle any day. I've seen this colour IRL and its TDF. But ITA with Rebecca that you shouldn;t buy something you can't truly afford otherwise you won;t be able to enjoi it.