need advice: selling nolita to get hampstead MM or chelsea or saleya

  1. hi ladies,

    ive had the nolita for years and i feel that its so big and bulky and gets really heavy even with the shoulder strap.
    In March Ill be travelling for one month with my two kids and thought id sell my nolita now and get a hampsteadMM, saleya MM or a chelsea instead. Why these, coz i have a damier keepall to match. I like to have the pair of easy worry free travelling.
    Also id like to use the bag for office to stuff my laptop and files for presentations. Which of the three would you recommend
  2. Saleya MM is very very nice and practical. The Hampstead MM is also nice, but I don't like the stiff bottom. It's not comfortable under the arm.
  3. thanks for the heads up on the bottom part of the hampstead, guess that narrows down the obessessing
  4. I vote for the chelsea! It's really practical and you don't see them much.
  5. thanks for the vote for chelsea, am glad you like it too. I do think thats the most practical yet simplest bag around, and I am wondering why its not so popular
  6. Chelsea or saleya
  7. I prefer hampsteadMM, my second choice is saleya...
  8. can you go try them on?
  9. Chelsea! It's a great, big bag, great for traveling and super comfy!
  10. My 1st choice is the Hamstead MM then the Saleya.
  11. Definitely Saleya MM its super comfy, roomy, classy, no vachetta so its really low-maintenance, great for traveling!
  12. I was going to suggest the Saleya MM for everyday bag, but if you also need it for your laptop and files for work, then the Chelsea sounds perfect!
  13. That is my debate also! Having kids made me look for a more comfy bag. Right now I am leaning towards Saleya MM (damier)...but can't decide myself!
  14. definitely the Hamstead MM!!!
    I just got this recently and it's so beautiful. I never thought that I would love this bag so much! I use it with the sides opened so that I can put in my school books, laptop, and other stuff. The inside red alcantara is my fav! :heart:

    I personally don't like the Saleya MM (I have the GM though) because I think for its size, LV can easily put in a pocket in the front like the GM version, so I find the MM looks "empty". However, the PM size is cute, no need for a pocket here cuz it's small and would overwhelm it. Also, the Saleya has round handles and will definitely HURT if you put in a few books or somewhat heavier items.
  15. whew!! the debate got even hotter, but yes, I will go try them on this weekend, then go on from there. Thanks so much for the response.