Need advice, Seller in USA buyer in Sweden

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  1. Hi ya'll,

    I have an auction up on ebay. There is a buyer in Sweden that wants to buy my bag. I told her that it would be final sale since I am shipping it out of the US. The Buyer has paypal, but the buyer only has 1 feedback. Should I sell the bag to her or not? If I should sell the bag to her what are somethings I should do to avoid a ebay scammer? I have never shipped out of the country before. Any suggestions for experienced sellers would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Unfortunately there is no way to tell if an ID will be a scammer, even those with perfect fb can start scamming. Bottom line is if you want to take the risk.

    Make sure you ship with full insurance, and sig confirmation... EMS.

    Edit: Make sure your customer knows that she is liable for customs fees, you're not accepting any responsibility.
  3. After the rounds of scammers and chargebacks, I'm going to say no. But that's just me. I'm old and the least amount of trouble selling on ebay for me, the better.
    However, if you do, I'd definitely go with EMS, declare the true amount, add a security tag(if you have one)and cross your fingers. Good luck! :smile:
  4. Also, I'd suggest checking what her feedback is for. I tend to be suspicious when buyers have the $0.99 feedbacks or haven't purchased big ticket items. I sell things now and than from my personal collection and have had buyers pull scams.

    I had one pull a scam and she had 50+ feedbacks. The post office had damaged the shipping box to the point that it damaged the LV carboard box. Because it was insured, they had her check the purse and she signed off it was okay. The clerk at the recipient location even remembered it was fine, because she thought the purse was really pretty. The next day she contacted me and said she wanted a $300 discount because the cardboard box was damaged even though I offered to send her a LV box for free. She then proceeded to try to retract complete payment $2900 and keep the purse. Fortunately, I had withdrawn the money from Paypal, but my Paypal account was showing a negative and I was threatened with collections. Fortunately, I had kept the original receipt, knew the postal worker who accepted my box and got it in writing that the box was fine when it was shipped (though her boss didn't want her to), called the recipients post office and confirmed that it had been picked up and was intact just the box was damaged, and I have an attorney friend who wrote Paypal a letter.

    There are no guarantees so make sure you keep your records, if it's a large amount, take it out of your Paypal account right away. I think International bidders are risky so if it's a large ticket item, I don't allow it even if they have a lot of feedback.
  5. :tup:ITA. If you'd be uncomfy with the idea of lying on customs forms, tell her up front. A lot of overseas buyers want sellers to do this, and I always say no. Another thing you can do is ask her if she has a friend or relative in the US who she wouldn't mind having the item shipped to.
  6. I've shipped to many different countries successfully. As mentioned previously, make sure you ship via EMS (not global priority because you can't get tracking), declare the full value and you should be OK. Shipping via EMS usually takes less than a week to most countries.
  7. How do you add a security tag? Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks ladies. I really appreciate your inputs.
  9. I also have sold to other countries and have never had a problem. So good luck! :smile:
  10. It's hard to comment about a newbie and whether she is a good or bad egg, but you can protect yourself by shipping USPS Express Mail International, as the package is tracked and insurance up to $100 is included. Extra insurance can be purchased at nominal extra cost (to top up to the bag's value). EMS is a really safe and secure way to ship overseas as tracking, insurance and signature on delivery is provided.
  11. In my experience, Sweden buyers are reliable. I ship my items worldwide. However there are some certain countries you have to be more cautious. For eg, Italy's post office is not reliable. I don't ship to Italy. And for some countries, I don't accept their paypal payments.